Barbara Clarke


Whilst Barbara’s extensive list of professional achievements is astounding, something that she definitely deserves a medal for is sitting close to me for almost 8 years, without ever saying a cross word to me.  Perhaps deservedly, I did receive a look of utter disgust upon admitting that I can just about sew on a button and that I use Wonderweb to fix trousers.  After asking Barbara and Adam to trawl Bath one afternoon as a favour to locate the umbrella I’d left in a bar, I think that Barbara decided the way to express her frustrations was to attempt, more than once, to get me run over by mopeds during a work visit to Vietnam.  After exploring Ho Chi Minh City on the way to visit the War Remnants Museum, the map disintegrating by the minute in the humidity, and being followed up a street by an enthusiastic coconut seller and a diminutive bicycle-taxi man attempting to get the three of us onboard, we eventually arrived at the museum, where Barbara proceeded to photobomb this picture.


Not only was Barbara the font of all PCE knowledge, always willing to take the time to explain and show me things, she baked treats for us, tailored numerous items of my clothing (possibly related?), did up my cuffs for me, removed splinters from my hand and provided plasters for papercuts or new-shoe blisters.  Barbara was an all-round caring and considerate colleague, who truly understood our customers, the importance of her role, and was dedicated to her work and to achieving quality.


Barbara’s sad passing has left a huge hole, both professionally and personally; her incredible legacy will be long-enduring in so many ways.


With my deepest condolences and best wishes to John and Adam, rest in peace Barbara. 

Anna Armishaw

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