Sarah Elizabeth Curr


I miss your zest for life, your boundless energy, your smile, your loyalty, your kindness and your friendship. You were full of fun and could be so funny. 

I loved that you embraced every opportunity that came your way. 

Our shared love of conversation, eating, fine wine and London life resulted in many memorable evenings in restaurants and bars along the Southbank, from the Shangri-La to our place of comfort in the BFI lounge where we could happily lounge for many hours and put the world to rights.

You proved to an Irish girl brought up on lashings of butter, cream and full fat milk, that vegan food could be tasty and the alternatives to dairy palatable. I couldn’t quite make the leap to giving up meat. 

You planned to outrun me this year by competing in the London Marathon, although, there were some setbacks in the training schedule when COVID finally caught up with you. 

We never did get to have our holiday in Cornwall, but I will remember you with love and happiness when I am walking the Cornish coastal paths.

I will miss you Sarah more than I can say. Thank you for all the wonderful years of friendship. 


Ann-Marie Mestecky

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