Carlene McKenzie

Carlene Mckensie

God sent you to us a ray of sunshine when we first met 4 years ago, first and foremost knowing that we share the love of our Almighty God Lord and Saviour was a blessing to us. A wonderful, loving, and caring soul you were always there to help in any which way you could. Carlene, you motivated and built up our confidence as you have done with many many others you always made time even though you had a busy schedule, your positivity always Carlene, We remember your words to us “Ann Marie and Don follow your dreams and your visions never for one second think you can’t do it” because you can, and yes Carlene we did thank you for believing in us and for instilling in us to believe in ourselves.

Carlene, you mentor and coached and supported me and my colleague to start up a community project for our senior citizens, we called ourselves Seniorfusion Mix, through our time together you were easy to talk to, patient, calm, your persona we felt love, your honesty with us, your genuine nature, loved your wisdom and knowledge your understanding a genuine friend, with a motherly and sisterly love. Carlene, you were transparent who we saw was who you truly were, a virtus woman full of the Lord’s attributes, Rest In Heavenly Peace Carlene Mckensie we love you and you will be truly missed always in our hearts. Ann Marie and Don (Seniorfusion Mix)

1Corrinthians 13:4-7 these verses remind me of you Carlene your love for all (love is patient, love kind)

Ann Marie and Don (Seniorfusion Mix)

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