Adassa Beatrice Douglas

Adassa Beatrice Douglas ….”Miss B”….Nanny. My earliest  memory was of you in Landor Road, in the Kitchen…I must have been 4 or 5 at the time and I put my foot up on one the kitchen chairs…like John Wayne and you told me that wasn’t very ladylike. What struck me in that first interaction was that you were sooo gentle and kind. Until that day the only reprimand I was used to were harsh words followed  by a lash I’d usually managed to dodge. Our holidays were spent with you, my uncles and my cousins. They were the best holidays a child could wish for, surrounded by love. They were such fun. I remember watching Maurice trying to light little fires at Holsworth house out on the green space. No sense of health and safety then …just fun🤣. I remember you invited me and Desrine to one of your church trips. Me and Desrine had been out to All Nations and rushed to meet you and your church brothers and sisters straight after nightclubbing. I remember trying to sleep on the coach to Lyme Regis,  but couldn’t because of all the singing and clapping. When we got there we had such a wonderful time. And I couldn’t believe how beauuuuuutiful Lyme Regis was. It was my first visit to this part of the Country. I couldn’t believe how blue the sea was and how white the sand was. I was used to visiting the east coast with the grey North Sea. In laters years I would visit Lyme Regis with my young family. But my first visit was with you. We are so blessed to have had you in our lives and the legacy of love and unity you have left with us today. RIEP Adassa Beatrice Douglas.


Ann James

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