Colonel the Reverend Robbie George Russel Hall QGM

Robbie was my half brother Peter’s son. I knew of him rather than knew him. Since David, my husband and I were living on the other side of the planet now, this was not surprising.

But the planet had become a smaller place and one day Robbie and Helen turned up in New Zealand! They were visiting their son Jamie. 

Robbie was, first and foremost, a lovely man. I was not sure how much we would have in common but that is how he seemed to me and I was so happy to have met him at last. He was warm and interesting and interested and full of the pleasure of life. These are valuable qualities.

He was a very brave man too but seemed unaware of it. I cannot imagine doing what he was able to do.

I saw a little of my beloved Dad in Robbie and will always be so glad he took the trouble to come and visit us in our very remote corner of the world.


Ann and David Sarll

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