Simon Peter Foreman

When I first met Simon during a business trip to Bulgaria in 2007, I was still an assistant and not very experienced in dealing with our customers and business partners. He treated me with great courtesy and respect, and never with condescension or vanity.

We spent nearly a whole week in Sofia in a team of six, with members from Romania, Bulgaria, England, Germany and Sweden. Here we had the priviledge of a very warm welcome by our hosts, and I remember that we had many great conversations and a lot of entertainment. I received the best introduction to the world of reinsurance that one could ask for.

Simon and I have worked together on many interesting but also difficult projects over the years. He was patient and professional at all times, and no problem was too difficult to solve. On a more personal level, he was an example of optimism and finding the good in everyone. We talked a lot and laughed even more.

It is hard to understand that someone who was so vibrant and charismatic shouldn’t be around anymore. He leaves a big gap, but what is more important, he also leaves a great treasure of memories.

Angela Birkholz

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