Ewan Jefferies

I met Ewan through a typical daily catch up at one of the favoured coffee vending machines scattered around Brough.  The coffee was terrible but the world would regularly be put to rights. 

We worked on a few big jobs together, and was always impressed at Ewan’s technical competence, integration skills and an ability to see simple solutions to often difficult problems.  I learnt a lot from his knowledge and experience.

I’ve since moved to Australia, and we caught up during his last trip to Newcastle, NSW.  It took me a while to find him in the hotel, as he’d managed to wangle his way into a lounge where there was free beer! 

I missed Ewan when he went off to the States, but we kept in touch via email. He was trying many awesome craft beers so I was very jealous.  Ewan was always interested in what it was like actually living in Aus, so I made sure to send lots of pictures of the local beach – always when the sun was shining.

On my last trip back to Brough, I bumped into Ewan at one of the terrible coffee vending machines.  It was good to put the world to rights.

Ewan is remembered often.  My thoughts go out to Emma, Caitlin and Edward.

Andy Wellings

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