Chris Figgis (2004-2022)

 As a very pleasant and likeable character, I had the great pleasure of teaching Chris A Level Physics. Academically he excelled, being a bright student with an open mind, he would successfully take on problem solving activities. Chris made the lessons an enjoyable and fun experience, being always willing to get involved. There was an excellent dynamic within the group, Chris was always willing to help the others. His friends: Neo, Harry, Titus, and Omar, may have sometimes been distracted from the work, and Anna and Han would be wondering what on Earth was going on; but they always completed what needed to be done. 

 He always had a great sense of humour and his cheeky ways allowed for much good natured banter; usually football related, but he took as well as he gave! During staff student Hockey matches this also came across; In one match when I was marking him, he took the shirt pulling and holding (unsporting football tactic) as a compliment with that usual smile on his face. 

You were a bright light for many of us. 

Rest in Peace Chris.

Andy Clark

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