Simon Peter Foreman

Dear Wendy and ‘The Boys’,

We are all in shock! We all miss Simon!

We all remember him fondly and with tremendous love and affection.  We are lucky our paths crossed with such a special chap.

I spent many happy hours with him discussing our most demanding, least favourtie, clients back in the 1980’s before joining forces at RFIB.

Sharing an office with Simon, Robbo and Malcolm were the happiest days of my still flagging career.

You know Simon better than any of us and in time this is going to be a great comfort to you as you remember him with deep love and brimming pride.

You will be able to smile as you recall so much past happiness.  The sense of loss will time time diminish, but the special memories will stay in your, and our, hearts for always.

We were lucky to have spent time in the company of such a brilliant, kind, funny and entertaining man.

Much love always


Simon car pic

Andrew Rossdale

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