Dr David Baume

Dear Davis, dear Family, dear Friends and dear Colleagues,

What a sad bit of news.

David, you helped me to change my teaching radically. I suppose the most important step was to actually start reflecting on my teaching, to move from my lecturer-controlled and self-centred (as in lecturer-centred) approach to a student-centred approach to teaching. Initially. it was difficult for me to hand over control and let students work in small groups. O dear, I had lost control… But the reward in the currency “student experience” cannot be underestimated: with all the small and large tools you gave me it is now fair to say that generations of students benefitted form your courses, classes and workshops for lectures. Thanks – on behalf of all of my students and from me personally.

On a side note: i think there is some evidence that David’s attidtude to death contained a certain degree of curiosity… good luck on your path David, only the earthly episode has ended! 




Andrew Otto

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