Keith Howard, Headmaster of Queen Mary's Grammar School 1979-1995

Although I had left QM a couple of years before Keith Howard’s appointment our paths crossed fairly frequently through QMC meetings and school functions. He was a good old fashioned headmaster who ruled with a rod of iron and was affectionately known by many as The Ayatollah! He chaired meetings effectively and always had time to listen to an opposing point of view. But behind this seemingly stern exterior was a very kind and compassionate man. This was demonstrated  beautifully when he came to visit my father  (John Dickson) when he was dying of cancer and then subsequently closed the school to enable all the staff and pupils to attend his funeral. Our family were deeply touched by this gesture which made the celebration of my father’s life so much more special and the rousing sound of hundreds of male voices singing very moving. Rest in everlasting peace Keith.

Andrew Dickson

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