Kully Hunter


Can you believe it Kully, the 1st day I met you was when you were with Wayne and Jess at Warwick races on Star Wars day, May the 4th 2015.  It was the 1st time that Tracey and I had dared to have a day out with all 5 kids.  I remember walking around and Tracey just shouted oh there’s Kully and Wayne!  There you both were, drink in hand and sitting on a bench with a great view of the track.

Tracey had always said what a wonderful friend you were and couldn’t wait to introduce me to you.  She had told me LOADS of stories so I was naturally a little nervous but all that went as soon as you said hello and gave me a hug.  I could tell straight away what great friends you were and how much you meant to Tracey and her family just as you have become to me over the past 5 years.

I’ve always loved the times we’ve all been out together and have some great memories of the things we’ve done and it’s so sad to think that you won’t be there smiling with your pink gin in 1 hand and your vape in the other dancing around making everyone laugh. 

You were taken from us far too soon and there were so many memories yet to be made but I know no matter what we do or where we go you will always be there.

Rest in peace Kully – I will raise a glass for you and I hope wherever you are now you have the best seat in the house



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