Robyn Jade Laval


Robyn is the most kindest , funniest and loyal best friend i could have asked for .

i feel so lucky to have so many treasured memories of robyn , from messing around on the school field to house partys and breaking into the clock hotel to amazing trips away to scotland and brighton and endless gossips in the kitchen . we never ran out of things to say and laugh about .

Our trip to endinbrough will always be one of my favourites we drank posh cocktails laughed until i peed my pants , ordered soooo much room service untik  we had the note posted under our door with the £400 bill after just 2 days aha we still didnt let that stop us . the drive back was 8 hours but felt like half an hour we talked and laughed the whole way home and didnt even notice the time . Il never be able to look at a power plant with out having a giggle to myself . 

thank you for being by my side always . even now il always think of our laughter and our memories to get me through when life gets heavy xx BFFL xx


Amy Furbank

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