Wendy Chalk


Finding the right words to share about the Duchess has been very difficult. 

Wendy was a champion of people, she made you believe not just in yourself but that the impossible might actually be a reality. 

She was enthusiastic, passionate about people, caring, giving, energetic, funny,  the best company, you could not help but smile when she waltzed in to a room! 

Wendy was a great listener and her advice was always delivered in the best way… “give it a fucking rest, let it go” she aimed at me once. And she was, as always, right! 

I think she may have left the Trust when we started our secret BLS campaign, so Duchess, here is your posthumous BLS Champion badge, wear it with pride and in your Nirvana continue to be you. 

I hope we cross paths again, until then I will remember The Duchess with love followed swiftly by laughter 

Sending Graham the warmest of hugs, there is always a seat on Bert and a fish finger sandwich Skipper, you know that 💜🙏🏻

Chargrill xx 


Amanda Cahill

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