Nigel John Pickering


The moment you arrived at the surgey and were greeted by his hello and smile you instantly knew you were in good hands. I remember in some of my darkest moments I’d sit hoping Dr Pickering was going to be the doctor I saw. This was a man I cried to, laughed with and always made the situation seem better. It wasn’t just the medicine that made you feel better it was the man. A unique and unforgetable man. A professional, kind warm man. His cheery hello in the street, his time for people and his smile. 

I still can’t believe this lovely man is gone. While we feel his loss ours will be incomparable to that of his family. I say to him the memories and love remain always. They say time heals but the reality is time just makes the pain of loss bearable. I send my deepest condolneces to you all at this saddest of times.

Tonight I looked to the stars and gave thanks for having known such a lovely, unique man. May you always be remembered fondly with the love, appreciation and gratitude you deserve, I certainly will. From Alison Cross-Jones former Malmesbury resident and patient

me 2020

Alison Cross-Jones

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