Farewell Kevin John Biles


I met Kevin in 2005 in Malaysia. I was travelling with someone I was very bored with.

Kevin was our shack neighbour and the instant we met we had such a wonderful connexion! He asked if he could travel with us for a while, and this is where our friendship began!

Meeting Kevin enlightened my trip! He was so lovely, full of funny anecdotes about Malaysia. He was such a wonderful person to travel with! He shawed me and taugh me many stuff about the country.

We met again a few years later in Dominican Republic where he was learning how to teach kitesurfing. I spend 3 month over there, learning my dive master. We were meeting almost every evening with Kevin and some friends, we had the best time ever! He is definitely one of the most happiest guy I ever met. Alway smiling and trying to make you feel ok, very kind and generous.

We were writing e-mail to each other sometimes, just to say Hi! He was calling me the french frog and of course to me he was a rostbeef! Haha! He told be he met a nice lady called Diane in The Philippines. I followed their stories in Egypt from Canada where I was living for a while, and I heard they had a nice little girl called Skye later on.

I definitely wanted to see him again and meet his family. This day happened a year ago in Portugal where I spend a week with my daughter. We had an amazing time! It was so wonderful to spend time with Kev again, and he was still the same adorable guy than before. I believe life gave me the chance to see him again, to share moment with him and his wonderful family. I thank life for that. Very much. And thank you Diane for your warm welcome even if we had never met before ! 

I am adding a picture of this happy time we spent at your place in the memory of Kev. I miss him already but he will live in my memories for ever, believe me! Kev was a very special person to me and to many people I believe.

Lots of love to you and Skye, I hope you will find the strength to go though this. May Kev rest in peace. ❤️






Alice de Forges

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