Brandusa Tataru-Marinescu

Dear Horia & family,


I was lucky enough to have worked with Brandusa as a trainee. From the moment I sat down at my desk on my first day – nervous and unsettled – Brandusa was the first person to talk to me, ask how I was and teach me the basics. It made me feel very much ‘at home’ at KN.


As you know best, that was just the type of person she was: kind, intelligent and caring. I always admired the way that, despite facing complex construction issues every day, she was determined to have fun and see the positive side of everything; in this photo she is beaming as usual despite us having just climbed several flights of stairs on a very cold day…


It was obvious to anybody who worked with her just how much she loved her family. She talked about you all the time. Everybody at KN is thinking of you and we will all miss her dearly. The memories we all have will live on forever.


All the very best,


Alfie x

Alfie Cranmer

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