Richard Croucher


I had the pleasure of having Richard as my mentor at NHH. He was always interested in me and my work – and we had so much fun together. We talked about research, travel, life, and research. One memory is from this last spring when Richard visited NHH, and we discussed a new project around sustainability.  Richard always had interesting reflections and endless patience, combined with his passion for helping others in their projects. He was an extraordinary mentor, and I have learned so much about research and the publication process from him. Every time Richard visited our school, we went for a hike in the mountains. Unfortunately, the weather was not always superb, and we have had several hikes in rain, fog, and snow. Richard enjoyed life and being outdoors, and he was impressively well-trained as well. I will miss the debate, humor, and all his stories from when he was young, traveling around the world. Thank you, Richard, for your patience with me and for helping me to build a career. You are a true gentleman and will be deeply missed. 

Alexander Madsen Sandvik

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