John Graham Ramsay

Well John, you have passed away and now we write some words that will be part of the collective memory of your life and work. I am sure in due course of time, when lockdown is over, we will have a proper celebration, like the memorable parties you hosted in London and in Leeds and the fieldtrips in Scotland, the Alps and elsewhere, liberally lubricated with whisky, wine, grappa. You gathered geologists around you from all over the world and I am flattered and honoured to be one of them. I was lucky enough to get a place on your structural geology MSc at Imperial College in 1968 – your book Folding and Fracturing of Rocks had been published the previous year before and became our bible. You challenged us with your teaching and enthusiasm, and I remember evenings in the library almost in tears trying to keep up with the challenge. Then came your landmark paper on shear zones and that started a revolution of research and new work. I was swept up in that as I embarked on a PhD looking at shear zones in the Lewisian of NW Scotland under the direction of yourself, Janet Watson and Bill Fyfe. Such were the circles of excellence and shared experience you created. I became side-tracked in looking at the metamorphic changes in shear zones and only later came back to looking at what you suggested, the strain profiles across these. It is difficult to know how to conclude these brief words, but knowing you had an immense influence on my life and that of many others. We thank you.

Alastair Beach

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