Richard (Dick) John Gibbs

Lots of memories of Big Bruv, as he used to call himself, of course. 

One that comes to mind is when we went to Paris to watch the France/Wales rugby match.  At the time he had a ford capri which had a habit of stalling and refusing to start for a while.  So of course as we came to load on the ferry it stalled.  We should have aborted the trip but decided to push the car onto the ferry!  Luckily some crew members were able to fix the car.  So off we drove and somehow Richard managed to end up driving on a railway line!  the guy who was in the back was screaming ‘let me out! Let me out!’  We managed to get off the line before any trains came.  But this just shows how for all his intelligence there was often something lacking in the common sense department!

Another story that illustrates his character was when, one morning, he came down to breakfast with his face in a bit of a mess.  What had happened was that after a night out he called in a fish and chip shop for some chips.  Apparently there were a couple of yobs there giving the man behind the counter a hard time.  So he stepped in to help him and got the worst of it.  But it shows his character that he was not willing to let that man suffer without doing something about it.  A gentleman of the old school.

Alan Gibbs

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