When I joined Harpenden netball club I was a defender who sometimes pretended she could shoot! Then Emma joined our club and decided that she could help me improve my netball, which of course she definitely could. She started with my defending, little steps Adrienne little steps and get those feet in front. I am trying Emma I promise I am actually trying. She tried to get me to jump (many have tired before her and many continue now) but that didn’t really work.

She then moved onto my shooting, she quickly decided a holding shooter was what I was -she really did know her stuff she’d seen me run! Emma spent hours at training and in games getting me to practice waiting for the ball to go over my head before I moved for it. The joy I felt and the pride in her face when I finally managed to get it right was worth all those hours of her practically holding me down behind defenders. I still hear her voice in my head saying wait…wait…now go every time a team mate sends me in an overhead ball, I always will.

She made me the net baller I am today a holding shooter who will defend if she has too. I have so many lovely memories of Emma’s care and patience as a coach and friend and her passion (and her volume) as a coach and spectator on the bench. Thank you Emma for all you did for me and our club.

Please know that Emma will always be in my thoughts and prayers as are all of her family ❤️💙

Adrienne xx


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