Lee Scott


Lee Scott… Where do I start with you…

An absolute legend, the best manager to of ever walked on this earth, a true gentleman who always put everyone else first! Your support and leadership was something else, you brought the best out of everyone and I will always remember the support you personally gave me as a friend, a colleague, a manager and an absolutely inspirational human being!

You always lifted the spirits in any situation, you always spoke so proudly of your Children, Natalie your wife and Nellie the Boxer! If one day I get to be the man you are, I have made it in life!!

One of my favourite sayings from you “it is what it is” and in those times, I need to think/say that, you will forever stay with me.

On to the fun times.. POPWORLD! Always knew it was going to be a messy night with you, when you are frantically booking a hotel room on the night because you were going to “take it easy” but your speech is slurring before we get out the Spoons! Probably best you didn’t drag Nat out to pick you up!

You know how fussy we both are for a premium lager; you best keep a nice cold San Miguel waiting for me when I get to be reunited with you!

Watch over, protect, and enjoy your time to rest while watching your family make you so proud!

I will miss you!

Adam Jary

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