In Loving Memory of


Yuk Kam Lee

(26/09/1958 – 15/01/2021)

Lee was a loving son, husband, brother, father, uncle, friend and grandfather.

He always had a story to tell about his younger years, about where he had been and what he had done. He viewed the world with such optimism and enthusiasm, and will always be remembered for his light-hearted laughter.

Lee always lived how he wanted whilst he continually brought the brighter side of life to others. He loved films, food and taking pictures.

During his retirement, he made many trips across Asia with family and friends. Travelling to places such as: South Korea, Japan and Thailand, he enjoyed his time as fruitfully as he could. His later years was spent mostly with his loved ones home in the UK and in Hong Kong. 

As many know, Lee was very much loved by the community of Ludgershall. Serving the community for over 40 years, he had earned his place as a ‘Legend’ amongst us, and thus he will always be imprinted in our memories.

We are proud of this man we call our DAD and announce a condolence book for all that wish to write and share their stories with us, so that his life will be forever remembered.





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Donna West

This is such sad news but Lee was a great man and his life should be celebrated. He was always polite and friendly to me and my family. Always asking about my mum, he genuinely cared about people and had such a great positive outlook on life. He used to make me laugh when …

Paul Stevens

A legend has definitely gone but as alot of us knew him for many years we have alot of memory’s to look back on I grew up hanging out with his daughter I always remember the strange cake we made in there house one weekend in the summer im sure Vicki got him to …

Younger brother Yin

Big Brother was a great brother and more than just a brother, he cares a lot and do a lot for every member of Lee’s family. As part of my childhood, I remember once he tought me how to ride a bike, I was very scared during the cycling of the bike and he …

Alicia, Ben and Vanessa Li

Big brother kam has been a great support to me and children. Ben and Vanessa will greatly miss their loud, funny and always smiling “ba ba” who makes them prawn crackers and fruits when we visit him in Ludgershall.   Ben also remembered uncle “ba ba” took them to get free candy floss in Hong …

Sean Willmont

To a top, loving, genuine, fun family man Lee was a great friend of mine for many years from the day he and his family arrived in Ludgershall over 40 years ago. We had so many laughs over the years and great conversations, everybody whom he came into contact with loved him and his …

Hon and Yvonne

My big brother was a down-to-earth and fun guy. I will never forget his laughs. School was never his thing. He just wanted to play, eat, and watch movies. This was a big bonus for us young siblings during Ludgershall times. We always looked forward to his day-off from the take-away. After his retirement, …

Mary Farr

I remember Lee and his family when they first arrived in ludgershall with his brothers and sisters . And his mum and dad set up the Chinese takeaway . I went to school with Lee brothers and sister . Lee always had time to chat have a laugh with you he never forgot me when …

Barry ramsden

Such a sad loss was well loved in the village i have known lee since school days .Was so funny watching him try to ride my bike in his flip flops rain or shine it was his flip flops on his feet .we had so many laughs over the years i will miss him. …

Leanne emin

I met lee at a very young age I was best friends with his eldest daughter onna we grow up together and I remember several times being welcome in to there home for family meals and birthday parties too, lee treated me like one of the family as i got older lee gave me …

Mei-Ling Liu

Lee Yuk Kam is my fun loving Big Brother. He is kind, heart warming, full of laughter and gives unconditionally.   I will treasure the happy childhood days spent playing together and going on day trips. Alton Tower, Southsea, Kowloon……..all of which he captured with his camera. Remembering how he taught me to ride …
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