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William Patrick Green Coogan

Will was a final-year PhD student in the Department of Biology who was funded by the British Heart Foundation. He started his PhD in 2017 after graduating with an MRes in Structural Molecular Biology degree from Imperial College London. Will was a deep thinker and hard worker when it came to his research project, and ambitious when it came to planning his experiments. He was a gifted protein biochemist praised for having “green fingers” when producing that difficult to purify recombinant protein. From Day 1 of his PhD project, Will was able to think in an interdisciplinary manner about the techniques and experiments that could be used to address a structural biology question. Will was good-natured with a dry sense of humour that he delivered with a trademark mischievous grin. He would happily engage anyone in a detailed conversation about one of his top-three favourite topics: science, music or football. Will was a bright young scientist with a promising future in biochemical and structural biology research. He will be warmly remembered for his contributions to the York research community, and sorely missed by all of us.

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Josie Monaghan

  I started my PhD at the same time as Will and he was so friendly and open that we immediately got chattering away at the induction events. I remember talking a lot about music – especially being a pair of Mancs – and being some of the seemingly few northerners around (even his …


Michelle Rudden

I know Will as part of the L1 team and as a friend. Will was a very friendly gentle natured guy. Over the years I got to know him well as he was part of the lunch crew. Of all the years I’ve known Will I think his lunches have always been ham sandwiches, …


Morgan Beeby

I was very sad to learn of Will’s passing. He was a student on a Masters course that I co-direct at Imperial, and I remember him fondly: intelligent, collaborative, quiet, and friendly. …


Patrick Murphy

I wish to express my sincere condolences to Will’s family and friends- I am very sorry for your loss. Will demonstrated for the Biochemistry workshops in the Department and also for the online workshops this term- his teaching was greatly appreciated by the undergraduate students. Will was approachable and always willing to help. …


Simon grist

I liked Will. I met him when he first began using my lab’s facilities and I helped him set up some of the first crystallisation experiments of his PhD. I liked him immediately; Will was inquisitive, polite, posed excellent questions and was always ready to learn more. He was very considerate of others no …


Charlotte Dodson

I remember Will as a motivated, intelligent and hardworking scientist who was full of life and to whom the north of England was important. I supervised him for one of his MRes projects at Imperial College: he was keen and capable and was proactive in searching out material relevant to his project. Will’s written …


Nicola Charlton

The Teaching Laboratory Technicians have known Will from his time helping in the Biology Teaching Labs.  He would often be involved with demonstrating and assisting undergraduate students during their practical sessions.  Will was friendly, approachable and very willing to help.  He was always considerate and would ask what he could do to help us …


Amanda Barnes

Will has supported me many times in my biochemistry teaching in the department, both in lab sessions and online workshops. He’s been a lively and enthusiastic teacher and supported the students in the department well. Thank you for all your help Will. My thoughts are with you and your family.  …

Amanda Barnes

Alex Heyam

I met Will when he was starting his PhD in the lab next door, just as I was finishing mine. Over the years we bumped into each other at training workshops, and it was great to see the progress he was making on his research project, and his development and increased confidence as a …


Judith Hawkhead

I was very fortunate to be part of The Potts research Group when Will joined the team.As a fledgling PhD student he wasn’t,t afraid to challenge his thoughts with anybody. He had no fear of asking questions and joining discussion. He had a very calm, chilled approach to everything and I am sure would …


Konstantinos Drousiotis

While I didn’t get to know Will well, I spoke to him a couple times. He was always surrounded by a very calming and grounded vibe which would gladly offer to his surroundings. Will seemed to be goal-oriented and very studious. He would remain in labs after normal working hours which evidented his determination …

Kon Drousiotis

Julie Tucker

I joined the University of York’s Department of Biology as a postdoctoral researcher in January 2018, at the beginning of Will’s second term as a doctoral student. Jen Potts was co-investigator on the grant providing my funding, and I was thus an associate member of the Potts’ lab until Jen returned to Australia. I …


John Armstrong

I started my PhD at the same time as Will, and we always got on well, as apart from science, I also shared in his enjoyment of all things footy and music. We would often unpick the most recent Everton – Man Utd game if I saw him around the department, with lots of …


Jon Agirre

I knew Will only professionally – he helped demonstrate in some of my workshops, and he did it very well. I am better for having known him.  …


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