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Watson Potter

A much loved and loving husband, brother and uncle, friend and colleague ; animal lover, musician, gardener, cook , car enthusiast … Watson was a man with a range of interests, many talents and wonderful qualities. He will be missed.

Please place here your messages to those he leaves behind and any memories, pictures and videos of Watson you might wish to share.

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Colin Arthur

Watson was a dear friend and colleague who introduced, and taught me how to do, so many things…. to build fences and gates, to service a car, to make pakora, to appreciate plants and gardens, to appreciate classical music, to have fun when teaching, to feed toads, to enjoy a good whisky, and so …

Fiona Duncan

Sadly I didn’t know you for nearly long enough, but in the short time it was easy to get a glimpse of your sense of humour and mischief, your massive intellect and your love of those who were so dear to you. Watson, you are going to be missed so very, very much but …

Trina Laurie

Uncle Watson, Aunt Margarets sidekick and always the calm quiet, unflappable presence in the room. I will never forget watching you play the double bass  in performance at the Conservatoire and being so proud to know that person down there in the orchestra. The same person that got down on his knees to play …

Anne Keenan

With fond memories of a very lovely man, our thoughts are with you Margaret. Anne Keenan & Dick Mungin …

Maggie Bremner

Uncle Watson I’ll forever remember for his lovely quiet and easy way and his pearls of wisdom that he would chip into a conversation. Can’t smell freesias without the right receptors and the whole biological process behind it was one of many. Always learned something new and interesting when I spent time with him. …