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Troy Heffernan

Thank you for all the lovely messages of condolence and support Clare and the family have received since Troy passed away, it is clear that he was much loved and will be dearly missed. 

We invite you to contribute to this book with stories, experiences you shared, memories, photos or thoughts about Troy to help us celebrate his life and create a lasting memory to share with his boys and family of how he lived his life, his passions and his friends.

We have also set up a collection to show our love and support for Clare and the boys. If you would like to contribute, please use the following link

Thank you xx

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I first met Troy and not long after Aaron through his old school friend Dave Hayward,we all had a lot in common,Motorcycles and the care free years of growing up and in constant search of a good time.. we had some amazing times at festivals/party’s,camping trips and general adventures.. Troy was the true meaning …


I met Troy through Faye and Aaron. Back in 2003 the 4 of us had some really fun times together, 2 brothers & 2 sisters! I’ve some really special memories, esp the day they supported me to do a Bungee Jump and a very freezing day we spent on the palace pier.  Troy was …

Mark S

I met Troy through the dive club he was a member of, at the University of East London and when he Doug and Dean were all extras. I remember the fun we had socialising, partying and diving both in the warm water of the red sea* and the not so warm sea off the …

Paul & Athena

After over 20 years of friendship, when we think of Troy we both find ourselves smiling before we know it.  With that creative spirit of his, he was a person that always felt SO very deeply, something we very much had in common with him. What was lovely about this, when it came to …

Barbara Chambers

I first met Troy when Faye started to go out with Aaron. I went up to London on occasions for the weekend and stayed in the shared house where they were all living. We all went out together around Hackney. Since then Nigel and I have seen Troy,Clare and the boys regularly at Christmases …

Mark Hopkins

I’m so glad to have had Troy as a friend. He was the kindest guy you’ll ever meet.  …


I had the pleasure of being a good friend of Troy during our time at University and our truly memorable, and rather debauched, times in Hackney. Troy was a person of his word, and he could be relied upon at the drop of a hat to help and support his friends and family. I …


I always admired Troy’s skill set, and the passion and enthusiasm for everything he did. When I met him he was into building Robotic Desks and he was also a part time Indian Jeep mechanic (next to being a furniture design scholar). If you dropped any thing to the bottom of the sea you …


I met Troy 23 years ago, when I moved into a shared flat in Hackney. We were a group of friends who had all studied at London Guildhall University. I have so many good memories of Troy and those Hackney days, although most of them slightly blurry, as we were all partial to a …


Many happy, fun memories of Troy.  he was patient, kind, calm, always late and always willing to do anything for anybody.   There are lots of stories to share, like the time my flat was broken into and he came over to fix the busted door so we could go out to a party, …
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