In Loving Memory of


Tom McQuillan

A life well lived from 28 January 1947 to 6 May 2022.

Book Owner: Gillian Hirst
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Cordell Pinnock

Dearest Tom,  You were my mentor, my friend and my supporter. You exude integrity, loyalty, professionalism and empathy.  I miss you my friend, you will always have a special place in my heart. Rest now.  Cordell   …

Alex Osler

I remember when Tom and Gill first came to the East of England, and brought with them a breath of fresh air, different persepctives, and leadership on hugely important issues such as equalities and our purpose in probation. I especially remember Tom’s fabulous dress sense, the way he could articulate his point of view, …

Tessa Webb

With every best to Gill, Ben and Sam, Special people leave this world having made this world a better place. Tom was one of those special people. Loads of love Tessa and Jeremy Webb xx …


My dear friend Tom.  You will be missed very much.  The years we have known each other, celebrating special events. The number of meals you, Gill, Alan and myself had where we had to spend ages deciding which resturant was suitable – particularly difficult at times given my rather restricted diet.  How you were …


I remember going to see Tom to talk about doing some work together about race issues, and being quite anxious about it. When we started talking Tom said “well, I’m going to get it wrong about gender and you are going to get it wrong about race, so we’ll need to be kind to …

Alan Critchley

A life well lived indeed. I have some wonderful times with Tom that I can cherish and remember. He was (it seems impossible to say ‘was’) wonderful company, a raconteur, chef, wit and all-round lovely man. I’m lucky enough to have one or two of Tom’s pocket squares that he gave me when he ran …
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