In Loving Memory of


Theodore Okwoli

Ozo di ebube 1


You are our hero! You made everyone you met feel like they were the most important people in the world. You are the rock of stability and the source of strength for our whole family. You are kind and thoughtful, a HUMBLE and PEACEFUL soul. You held your head high until the end.

You made a lovely impression on everyone you met and loved spending time with your grandchildren.

A great teacher, a dependable and compassionate friend to both young and old. We can’t imagine how empty it will feel without you, but consoled with the thoughts that you are leaving behind a legacy of kindness, compassion and generosity.

We will always hold onto the amazing memories we shared together and in your favourite phrase ‘this and that’. Your advice and guidance will continue to carry us through the joys and challenges that life has to offer.

We will miss you Dad, Ozo 1.

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