A Book of Remembrance


Tahsin Kadiri

Tahsin was a valued member of our community of staff and students at King’s College London. He was an active member of his cohort on the MA Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching, who regularly engaged in class discussions and was always open to exploring new and thought-provoking ideas. All those who have taught Tahsin agree that they found him to be a diligent and committed student, with a rare combination of being able to show humilty in the face of new knowledge while retaining the courage and wit to challenge this. It was clear to all of us that Tahsin had a strong passion for language teaching – he loved being a language teacher and was always looking for ways in which he could enhance the learning experience of his students.

Tahsin was also very passionate about his dissertation topic, for which he showed considerable orginality and insight into his chosen subject matter. In writing about multicultural London English for the dissertation, Tahsin was able to draw very effectively on both personal experience and his professional knowledge. In addition, Tahsin was an active member of our Language and Popular Culture Lab, a collaborative initiative involving staff and students, whose aims are to address the relationships between popular culture and language, lteracy, style and identity. He was an enthusiastic particpant in he lab and was esepcially interested in its potential for education and training. Tahsin was a pleasure to teach, tutor and supervise. We know that there was a huge amount of fondness for Tahsin among his peer group. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. 

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Beatrice Szczepeke Reed (Head of the School of Education, Communication and Society)

On behalf of the School of Education, Communication and Society I want to express our deep and heartfelt sympathy to Tahsin’s family and friends. Tahsin was a much loved and highly respected member of our student community, and the staff who taught him found him a great joy to work with. He was inquisitive, …