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Susan Elizabeth Birkett

Mum was very loving, emotional, unconventional, funny, immensely caring and a great cuddler. She had lots of friends and family and as we can’t physically have many people attending the funeral service we thought it would be a nice idea if people could leave messages or memories of a fun time with Mum or a funny anecdote. We want to celebrate her life and remember the good times.

If you have any photos from any time in her life please could you also add them to this online book.

Many thanks her daughters Gail and Clare 


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Katie Twaite

Dear Gail and Clare, I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your mum Sue. I have fond memories of playing in the garden at Bunkers Hill Farm, feeding the huge koi carp in the fish pond by the back door of the house as well as picking plums from the trees …

Clare Freer

Lisa Evans

Thinking of you both today, Clare and Gail. Your mum was such a lovely, warm, funny lady. I have such fond memories of sleepovers at Bunkers Hill Farm and many cups of teas and chats around the kitchen table with your mum.  I particularly remember her passion for art and sculpture.  She will live …

Clare Freer

Claire Stevens

Clare Freer

Maria Williams

Dear Clare and Gail, Wishing you courage to face the days ahead, and loving memories to hold in your heart. Thinking of you, and sending all my love during this difficult time. Maria xxx …

Clare Freer

Lucy Carter

So sorry that your lovely Mum has passed away. Such a caring and happy lady who was always so interested and engaged whenever I met her. Sending you, Clare and Gail all my love. Know that she lives on inside you and her input into your lives and your characters is so visible, you …

Clare Freer

Jane Ross

Sue and I met in 1962 when we started our 18month SRN course at the Royal Berks Hospital in Reading. It was lots of hard work,but we had so much fun as we were a small select group!!! We kept in touch and I was thrilled to be asked to be Clare’s godmother,We moved …

Clare Freer

Tina Bennett (neeSturgeon)

I met Sue when we were doing the 18month SRN course at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. We were a close knit group and had a lot of fun as well as working hard. The attached picture is on our graduation day, I certainly don’t remember wearing white gloves! It is the only …

Clare Freer

Janet Rigby

I met Sue through U3A when she moved to Northampton.  Sue was empathetic, interesting and had a brilliant sense of humour.   Sue took Surekha and myself to art galleries in London and Birmingham, she was so knowledgeable but it was the laughter, and there was always laughter, that I will always remember. You …

Clare Freer

Surekha Prabhu

Sue was a dear friend who I met through U3A.She was a talented jolly person who rekindled my passion for Art.She encouraged Janet and me to enjoy painting and we spent many wonderful hours around her kitchen table full of laughter.Sue ,rest in peace . …

Clare Freer

Zoe Burch

Sue and I first met in September 1961 when we became student nurses at Westminster Children’s Hospital.    I also shared Sue’s love of classical music and we went to a few concerts,and Westminster Abbey for organ recitals.  I remember trying to teach Sue to swim.I’m not sure it was a success but Sue …

Clare Freer

Christine Smith

I first met Sue, in 1961, another student nurse at the Westminster Chridrens Hospital. We were very lucky, as a few of us lived in accommodation directly opposite the hospital, instead of the Nurses home. We became a tight knit group of friends, always there to laugh, to enjoy, and support one another. Sue …

Clare Freer

Carol McBryde

Sue and I met in 1965 when we were both post grad. Paediatric nurses starting the SRN course.  We had a lot of fun and became close friends.  I will remember her vitality, her up-beat and positive attitude and her humour. We have always stayed in touch and I was honoured when she asked …

Clare Freer

Terry Errico

Sue was a lovely lady & a dear friend .. we spent many a happy  hour painting and visiting art galleries together … I am going to miss her RIP Sue x …

Clare Freer

Lesley Russell

I only knew Sue for 8 years, when I moved in next door to her.  We had many conversations putting the world to rights, and we laughed a lot, but my enduring memory of Sue is coming out of my front door and hearing her say ‘you’ve caught me again! ‘She would be in …

Clare Freer

Anna Hills

In remembering Sue i am taken back to happy times in our lives in the baby sitting group at Bunkers. She was a wonderful friend and companion and we had lots of fun together. She was brave, resourceful, unselfish and loyal. Truly a lovely person to have known and loved. Anna Hills …

Clare Freer

Katharine Del Mar

We met as student nurses in 1961 & shared many years of friendship together. Sue was kind, generous and fun loving but had a very serious, deep intellectual side as well making her a very cerebral friend. We spent our off duty time, visiting galleries & exhibitions & sorting out the world in the …

Clare Freer

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