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Steve Miller

For over 40 years Steve shared his knowledge and wit in the only way he knew – honest and direct. A husband, father, colleague and friend; Steve will be deeply missed. A life so short but the fond memories will live on. Please feel free to share your personal memories and any messages to help Steve’s family know how well Steve was thought of at Barclays.

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Ian Smith

So shocked to hear of Steve’s passing, so premature. A great friend and colleague for over 40 years. I feel like I have lost a brother. Rest in peace Steve, it was an honour and a privilege knowing you. …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Tim Cregg

I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Steve’s passing. I worked with Steve for more than 20 years and he was not just a colleague, he was a good friend. He had a wealth of Trade knowledge and was always happy to share it with others. Steve was a kind and honest …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Hannah Pursall

Like everyone, I was so shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Steve Miller.  Although I’ve worked alongside Steve in Barclays Trade for 10 years, I never had the opportunity to work directly with him. However, I can see the devastating impact his loss has had on those who had known …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Michelle Rainey

I remember joining Barclays International just order 30 years ago and working with you in those early years Steve. It’s difficult to comprehend that having worked with a colleague for such a long period of time that they can slip away so suddenly. We had a mutual trust for each other as work colleagues …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Mike Rhodes

I was deeply shocked to hear the very sad news of Steve’s passing, and I am not afraid to admit tears were shed. I have worked with Steve for over 35 years, and he was more than a colleague, I considered him a friend, one that I can’t quite believe I will not see …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Sue Garner

I still can’t believe that I am writing this it is such a shock after 20 years of working with Steve. I will remember with a smile our morning chats of what music was on the iPod playlist that day for the bus journey to work, the time and patience taken to train me …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Sara Hutchings

I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear the very sad news of the loss of Steve. I had worked with Steve for over 20 years in Trade where I had admired his exceptional knowledge of Trade and always enjoyed his wit. Such a lovely caring man who will be very sadly missed. My …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Paula Madden

I was deeply shocked to hear of the loss of Steve at such a young age. I had worked with Steve for many years. He was not just a colleague but a good friend too. He would often come and sit with a small group of us at lunch time. We became known as …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Karen Evans

I was shocked to hear the very sad news by the sudden departure of Steve.  I will miss his honest and direct approach to life.  My thoughts are with his family at this very sad time. …


Tania Butler

I was so shocked to hear very sad news about Steve, far too young to be taken from us. I didn’t know him as well as some, but would chat to him when he would bring his scanning work over. He did have a very witty sense of humour and would make us laugh. …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Tracey Cheshire

I’d known Steve for many years and as others have said, he always gave his best in whatever task he was given. He was honest in his opinions and a caring person but also very witty, often making me smile with his little jokes about various things in life to brighten the day. One …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Anuj Jolly

All of us at Barclays owe it to Steve for giving 41 years of his life to Barclays, for being a friend and family to many of us, for seeing and living a journey which many of us aspire to live and see. I would like to cherish those moments which many of you …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Sue Stuart-Lyon

While I did not work directly with Steve, he was a font of all knowledge, very approachable and always happy to answer technical queries for my clients. I am sure he will be very much missed by his immediate colleagues. …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Rachel Smith

I was deeply upset and saddened to hear of Steve’s untimely passing. Steve was a good friend whom I worked with for more than twenty years, including being his Team Leader for two of those. I had huge respect for Steve and his wealth of Trade knowledge, but what I shall miss most is …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Stuart Hewlett

I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Steve’s untimely demise from this deadly virus. Having been Steve’s direct or indirect Manager at Barclays for over 16 years I came to know him very well. He was a Trade Expert who knew his subject matter well and he could always be relied on …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Marcia Burd

I am deeply saddened by the sudden departure of Steve.  His knowledge and experience within Trade Operations will be missed but more so I will miss his observations on life and his sense of humour. My thoughts are with his family as they adjust to life without him. May you rest in peace Steve. …

Richard Godwin-Baker

Sushmitha Suresh

This sudden dimise shook all of us! Steve, was always known for his professionalism at work and immerse knowledge he shared to us. This is a great loss for Barclays trade and also to every individual who knew him. May god almighty give the strength to the family to overcome this. May his soul …

Richard Godwin-Baker

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