In Loving Memory of

Sophia Geoghegan

Our lovely friend and colleague Sophia died on 26th June following a long illness.  Sophia will be remembered for her cheerful personality, always having a smile on her face.  Extremely professional, Sophia would make time for anyone who needed to talk and, without exception, had others’ best interests at heart.  She will be  missed.

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Emily Barker

Sophia was a great colleague; always helpful and nothing was ever too much trouble. More than that, she was bright and friendly, always ready with a smile, a chat and a laugh. Sophia excelled at putting people at their ease with her friendly approach which helped many new comers to the directorate fell at …


Valda Simms

My deepest condolence to Sophia’s family, I’ll always remember Sophia being part of our small group of colleagues from work who played badminton, it was a sport as time went on she began to improve her skills and enjoyed playing plus we had such a laugh at the same time. A kind and thoughtful …


Debi Harrison

Sophia worked alongside me in the BAS team.  We had some great conversations and a lot of laughs together.  Sophia was a wonderful member of our team, a lovely lady and lovely company.  We miss you Sophia xx …


Steven Aldridge

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Sophia was always so bright and bubbly. She always greeted me with a smile and nothing was every too much trouble for her. She will be deeply missed.    Steve (WCC) …


Steph Simcox

Sophia was always smiling and was never too busy to help anyone or chat to anyone who needed her help and support. She was a consummate professional who always looked immaculate and acted in a way that was both positive and supportive. She went the extra mile and was never too busy for anyone.  …


Linda Hirschhorn

I was so sorry to hear of Sophia’s death.  We were all hoping she would defeat the illness and return to us at work. However this was not to be and she will be missed.  She was always very friendly and easy to get on with, a great asset to our team.  My condolences …


Lin Hunt

I was so very sad to hear of Sophia’s passing.  She was always so friendly and helpful to me.  I honestly thought through her sheer tenacity that she would beat this dreadful illness but alas, it was not to be.  My thoughts go to her family who must be missing her dreadfully.  Rest in …


Christina Watkins

Sophia and I worked in the same team, she was always so professional, helpful and cheerful.  We had lovely chats when we were in the office together, she was always genuinely interested in my news as I was in hers.  I have missed and will continue to miss her smiley face and our chats. …


Tracy Clarke

Sophia took over the reigns from me when I moved from the team to take up another role, so i had spent some time with her handing over work when she first joined WCC. She was such a lovely lady, professional, approachable, caring and always took pride in her appearance, never a hair out …


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