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Sonja Claire Hodgson

It is with overwhelming sadness we announce that our beloved wife, daughter, sister, aunty and godmother Sonja Claire Hodgson, born on 9th December 1985, took her last flight when she passed away peacefully on 5th July 2021 at the age of only 35 years after a heroic battle with Acute myeloid Leukemia.

Bebé, Mäuschen, You were a ray of sunshine, with an unparalleled zest for life, touching the lives of every single person you met throughout your life. Your passion in life was football, flying, travelling, friends and family.

With you you take a piece of all of our hearts and in turn, staying in all of ours, until we meet again.

You have left a gaping hole in all our lives, but we vow to live life to the full , like you did! YNWA! 歹

In Loving Memory forever Jerome, Mama, Ogga, Gesina und Tobias, her beloved nephews Oscar & Sam, Brother in Law Andy and the many , many people whose lives you touched. 歹

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We’ll always remember our first meeting, although she probably tried hard to forget walking into the wrong bedroom after leaving the bathroom! I’m sure she was as surprised as us! She made Jerome so happy and became part of the flat family. She had such an impact on the guests at our wedding and …


Fiona Clayton

Sonja, I only met you a few times, maybe only twice, at events that Ross organised in memory of Jenny. But your smile, your positivity and bubbly personality shone through and you were so lovely to chat to. I know that Liz, Martin and Ross were very touched by your support when Jenny passed …


David and Laura Harrison

Sonja, We have such lovely memories of the times we shared together. Your positivity and true zest for life always shone through and your loss at such a young age with so much more to give is absolutely tragic. Our love and support goes to Jerome and your family at this time. You loved …


Nicolas K

Salut Sonja, On aura pas volé souvent ensemble, mais ta joie de vivre demeurera avec moi pour toujours.  Toutes mes pensées vont à ta famille et à Jérôme.   …


Jules Daniel

Sonja, nous sommes plusieurs de tes collègues à ressentir une grande tristesse en apprenant la disparition d’une “des nôtres” à CDG. Je t’aurais dit au revoir depuis le ciel hier. Ton énergie positive et ton sens du soutien et de l’équipe (clin d’oeil à ton aide providentielle un bon matin, en attendant le bus de …



Sonja, i will always remember these holidays that i spent with you and Jerome in Brazil for the World Cup, your joie de vivre, your energy, your positive and bubbly vibe, your huge passion for Football, like we say in French « tu mordais la vie », there was as well Edu wedding again in …


Katherine, Matthew and Teddy

Dearest Sonja, I can’t pin point when we first meet but I always have a thought from when we did. People always used to say that Sina spoke a lot and I thought the same when I first met her and then I met you! You spoke so quick it reminded me of listening …


Leanne Rice

It’s going to take me a long time to believe that you’re gone, my wonderful friend. I can feel my heart breaking. You have taught me so much about positivity and freedom and living life to the full – more than you’ll ever know. Our memories of meeting for delicious dinners and jetting off …



Liebe Sonja,  seit unserer Schulzeit an der Menzel-Schule haben wir so viel zusammen erlebt. Wir machten Sightseeing in London und Paris, trafen uns zum Lunch am Potsdamer Platz, machten Urlaub auf Gran Canaria. Dies waren ganz besondere Momente und gute Erinnerungen. Deine positive Ausstrahlung voller Optimismus werde ich nie vergessen. Deine Schulfreundin Simona …


Alexis Bilik

Dearest Sonja, when I heard of your passing it shocked and saddened me. I knew it had been many years since we saw one another but you were often on my thoughts. The first time we met at Westminster Uni (in 2007), you welcomed me with open arms and instantly became my friend. You …


Martin & Liz Kerwood

Dear Sonja. I remember meeting you the first time when Jenny introduced you to our family when you both were sharing digs at Harrow while you both doing Journalism at Westminster uni. I could see why you and Jenny got on so well. Your enthusiasm for life was infectious and the great personality that touched …

Martin Liz Kerwood

Michael Inkpin-Leissner

Liebste Sonja, als Freunde, Kollegen und Landsleute hatten wir so viel Spaß am Fliegen. Besonders wenn wir Deutsch lästerten und keiner uns verstand. Ich sag jetzt einfach nur: Bis wir uns wiedersehen… You never walk alone! Dein alter Freund Micha …


Yemi Snow

Sonja,  I still remember the day you moved in with us nearly ten years ago , covering the wall of your bed room with Liverpool posters and your love of the sport . You were full of life with incredible energy. Your courage and strength touched so many of us. Rest in peace Beautiful.  …


Emma, Nick and Arthur James (Armstrong)

Snja – what a beautiful, positive light. The time we got to spend with you I will always be great full for. I never knew that side of the family well, and you were my closest cousin to talk to and understand that side of my family. Every time we spoke to you or …


Eli & Janine Pearson & family

Sonja we have known you since you was a small child aged four, when we were all at Wildenrath. Always a sweet little girl with beautiful big blue eyes and a beaming smile.  We saw your beaming smile everytime you posted something on Facebook.  We are heartbroken for your family. Goodnight Godbless Sonja RIP …


Michelle M

Sonja,  One of the first times I met you I was quite shy and didn’t know how I would strike up a conversation but I didn’t have to worry. You were so bubbly and chatty that I felt myself ease in your presence and knew that we would get on well together. From then …

Michelle M

Heather McLean

My dearest Sonja, Thank you for letting me be apart of your life for so long, thank you for all the memories. I have had some unforgettable experiences with you and I will miss you for the rest of my life. I can still hear your laugh, I can still see your smile, your …


Stephen Higgins

Dearest Sonia, A total character, ray of sunshine, different from the rest. You have touched the lives of so many and made an impact to everyone who has had the pleasure of your company. The gap you have left will never be replaced. Thank you for having the confidence to do ‘you’ the way you …



Sonja   Although we have never actually spoken (apart from maybe when you were just a wee lassie in Berlin) I have developed a very strong and deep connection with you over the past few months. Your strength and courage have shone through and the world has lost one of its brightest lights. You …



Sonja, On every occasion that I saw you (and it was normally because Sina had locked herself out of the flat and you came to the rescue), your beautiful smile, love for life and passion for football always shone through.  I don’t know much about football but I will cheer for Liverpool, for you. …


Peter Hodgson

Dearest Sonja, So sorry you had to leave us at such an early time in your life. People say remember the good times! Every time we met we’re good times. You were like a ray of sunshine and we’re always happy and brightened the lives of all who met you. Rest in peace. Uncle Pete. 歹 …

Pete Hodgson

Katy Southwell-Splatt

Sonja, whilst we only had the opportunity to met a handful of times, on each occasion you lit up the room.  I loved hearing about your adventures through Gesina and all about your childhood stories from your Mum and Dad. You will remain an inspiration and I believe we we will all try and …


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