In Loving Memory of


Sister i have no doubt in my mind you’ve gone to rest awaiting Jehovah’s call to be resurrected. I don’t really know where to start  from .we’ve been together as far back as 1981 at G.R.A congregation at ikeja As a young lady you and brother took me as your junior one.whenever I was going back to university then you will give me clothes,foods and also advice on how to conduct myself as a true Christian. 

When your fashion outfit at opening started you cooped me so that I can always have something to take back to school.sister you were like a mother to me.

The only  paid job I’ve ever done in my life was given to me by you and your husband. I had wanted to work at Nitel where brother was working but when it was not possible. Brother got me a job with lagos state teaching service. What else would a loving Sister do for another person.As fate will have it again after gotten  married we were together again at the same congregation in mushing despite the challenges  of coming from airport road because of this you people saw to it that there was a congregation very close to you and Jehovah heard your prayers. This did not change our relationship. You took my husband like your brother. I was always visiting you until brother  slept in death and you have to travel, yes at uk I always inform you whenever I came  and few occasions I visited because  you always insisted you wanted to see me.

Sister  you were loved to death.i know that very soon I will have cause to welcome you back.

To Loyal,Henry and Femi I want to say please take consolation in the resurrection won’t be long again.

Sis I hope to see you in that new world where no resident will say i am sick.

Ikhianosen  stella.


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