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Simon Foreman

It’s been over a month since Simon’s passing and just two weeks since the funeral.  I know that Wendy, Henry and Ed were touched by the many people who attended and many messages that were received.  Some people were able to sign the book of condolence and many others were not, simply because they were not at the reception or because they didn’t realise it was there.

In these modern times it is of course possible to receive people’s warm memories, photos and words online and some colleagues suggested that is what we should do.  So, with this in mind we are creating this online book which after a month or so (to allow for holidays etc), we will print and give to Wendy and the boys.

Please follow the link and simply click on the ‘Add new condolence message’ link and complete the sections.

It would be lovely to hear from as many of you as possible, so if you have some words of condolence, memories (however brief or long), photos; we would be pleased if you could follow the relatively simple process of entering your message, image etc.  You do not have to register to do this unless you feel you may wish to edit in the future.  Please also feel free to share with other friends who may not be known to me.

I would urge you to please not put this off and hope that you will be able to share some thoughts and memories of the good times that so many of us had with our friend, Simon.

Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me and there is also a FAQ page on the website.

With best wishes



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