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Sandra Jean-Baptiste


An incredibly friendly, bubbly and humorous person, who was able to put you at ease as soon as she spoke and made you feel like you’d known her for years after a single conversation.

A wonderful sister, daughter, aunty and mother to her babies Coco, Chloe and Louis, her beloved dogs and cat Hermione whom she adored.

A diligent and professional worker, whose excellence spilled into her many other creative and holistic interests.

Her love of nature and natural things was most evident in her love for her dogs and her garden. She had the ability to resurrect the most lifeless, rejected of plants and no doubt had the most pampered, spoilt dogs in London!

Her vivaciousness and wicked sense of humour will keep her light in our hearts and a smile on our faces.

Once met, never forgotten!

Rest In Eternal Peace.

You are in the most beautiful of gardens now.


We all added to Sandra’s life in the same varied and unique ways as she did to ours. Let us comfort each other, by adding our memories and photos of happy times shared with Sandra as a tribute to her life.

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Uncle Bob Song requested for funeral  …

The Thomas Family

Lorraine Hurrell

Well my friend  I have thought about how to write our many memories,  far to many so I’ll say I miss you greatly,  the news of your passing has really hit hard  Little did we know that we had little time to make more,  One of my funniest memories is  You calling me in …

The Thomas Family


Sandra JB – Im still shocked by the news of you passing, your positivity at work & the pleasure you got out of life was an inspiration to us all. We will miss you so much. I loved all our chats about the dogs, and animals! Rest in peace, condolences to your family x …

The Thomas Family

John James

 I really loved and cherished my cousin Sandra ❤.  I really wish that I had the chance to tell her how much she meant to me? Me and my friends loved  her ? We would go around after going to Susan and Julians then go and get Chinese? She was a lovely and beautiful …

The Thomas Family

Samuel John-Baptiste

Dearest Sandra, Rising to your place of eternal peace and tranquillity has been that much more painful, knowing that you had no intention to transition. Right until the very end your will and determination to remain in this plane was resolute.  Rest assured that your presence will remain within us all. A truly unique …

The Thomas Family


I had known Sandra from UKVI & was priveleged to have known a fun, loving, caring human being who had nothing but time for everyone. She was always willing to go the extra mile for those that needed it & never one to shy away from a challenge.  I’d never forget when I had …

The Thomas Family

Anne Redston

I knew Sandra from her work at the Tribunal.  She went the extra mile to make sure things worked as well as possible, and she always did so with a smile, willingly.  She delivered everything she undertook, with aplomb and energy, making difficult things seem easy.  When she arrived in a room, it was …

The Thomas Family


An absolute gem of a person and now a shining star in heaven, keep smiling are truly missed. …

The Thomas Family


Dearest Sandra, you are now resting in eternal peace, you’ll will be deeply missed. My condolences and comfort to family and friends. …

The Thomas Family

Kaitlyn St. Rose (little sister)

Sandra was my best friend, my shoulder to cry on and so much more. Similar in every single way, it is safe to say I lost my other half. She was the most caring, kind and generous person I’ve ever met. Though our time was cut short, I will be forever grateful that I …

The Thomas Family

Sunil Soni

I will miss my lovely friend Sandra. She was always a bundle of energy and nothing was too much. Whenever we had any issues she was the first one up saying “right let’s get stuck in and we can do it”. She had a keen eye for detail and for muscles!  God bless you …

The Thomas Family

Uncle Bob

To my beloved niece Sandra you made all of our lives happy. I always loved Sandra’s smile and how we could always understand each other no matter what it was. The most fun moment i shared with her was when we used to take her moms brandy in secret when she would hide it, …

The Thomas Family


Sandra, you will be missed! I only worked with you a few times but you were a pleasure to work with! Keep on shining, rest in peace.  …

The Thomas Family

Patricia John-Baptiste

I know you’re looking on from a beautiful place now, so you’ll hear my thoughts and feel my heart, when I say “thank you Sandra for being you”. Always with a smile for me, in the 40 years of knowing you. Be at Peace. X …

The Thomas Family


Sandra there are no words how much I miss you. You were there for me when I lost my dad and made me strong by your words and love as a true friend. We had good laughs at work. I can still see your smile. You were the best dresser at work and always …

The Thomas Family


Sandra you are gone but not forgotten, you are now in Jehovah God’s memory. Xx …


William R Charles

May Cousin sandra continue to rest in eternal peace as she was indeed a peaceful individual in the living world, always with a very intelligent eloquent smile. Your memories live on in our lives forever. Condolences to the rest of the entire family. May the peace of the almighty father be with us all. …

The Thomas Family


I became friends with Lydia in 1999.    Lydia quickly became a friend of mine, the beginning of a friendship which is still part of my life, and Lydia remains a person I love very much.    Part of becoming Lydia’s friend meant meeting her family, which was nothing but pleasure. Knowing them, and …



Sandra, Your heart of gold will carry on. You were such a good friend to me and was there for me through all the hard times. We would talk all day and the smile you had on your face everytime you asked about what Alfie has been up to. You will be missed by …

The Thomas Family

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