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S A Vanar (1951-2021)

Vanar sadly passed away just days after his 70th birthday after bravely battling with ill health for many years. A beloved father, husband, grandfather, brother, cousin, uncle, friend and colleague, his departure has left us bereft of his love, kindness, warmth, integrity, fabulously dry sense of humour and acerbic “copyrighted phrases”. 

A true and loyal Malaysian, he was a proud alumnus of the Victoria Institute where he made friendships that enriched even his later years, as did the relationships made during a fulfilling career at KPMG Kuala Lumpur and KPMG Bangkok.  He was an intrepid traveller, deciding to make a solo trip out to New Zealand soon after being hooked up to his portable oxygen supply (good quality air, he said), and even achieved his dream, thanks to the help of his dear Indira, of travelling on the Japanese Shinkansen as recently as November 2019.  Of course, he loved his family too, a happy coincidence as so many of us live abroad!  Even as it became harder for him to do so, he always did his utmost to attend important family gatherings, even if they were as far away as Canada, the UK or Australia.

Vanar was a wonderful and unique character in every sense of the word.  Although he will be very sorely missed by friends and family, the many precious, funny and happy memories we have of him will live on in our hearts and minds. As befits a diehard Liverpool FC fan, he will never walk alone.

His family would be very grateful if you could record your memories, anecdotes and/or add photos of our dearest Vanar in this remembrance book for us to treasure forever.


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Jenani Segarajah

To my dearest Periappa, Today marks a month since you left us yet I sometimes find myself in disbelief there you are no longer here with us.   There are honestly just too many memories for me to pen down and some I just quite wouldn’t know how to put into words as they …

Anu Shah

Shobna Gunasegaram

I have been replaying so many memories over the past three weeks, all of which have either made me cry, laugh, smile or roll my eyes, sometimes even all at once. While impossible to pinpoint my favourite one, these are some of my fondest memories of my Uncle Vanar: “Hide the cats!” – This …

Anu Shah


RIP Vanar. You were a good friend through the good and bad times and will be missed. Condolences to Indira and family. …

Martin Giles

Steve Elliff, UK

My path passed with Vanar when I worked for KPMG KL for 18 months in the mid-nineties.  He was the epitmey pf “harsh but fair” back then.  It took a while to get to see behind the mask he used for work but when I made it through I found a wonderful human being …

Anu Shah

Dr Thiagi

Heartfelt condolences to Indira, Anu and Suja.   Vanar impacted my life in so many ways, influenced me with good values and subtly scolded me when necessary. We call each other PERIYAVAR and I terribly miss his daily combo doses of wit, politics and financial Twitter material. Said a prayer for him last night and …

Anu Shah

Ajit Singh

Our deepest condolences to Indira and the family on Vanar’s demise. We have known Vanar for almost 34 years since our assignment to Kuala Lumpur. Our families and children are very close. My wife, Balveer and I and our daughters will dearly miss a man who valued family and friends, and whose friendship we …

Ajit Singh

Jeremy Diamond

Very sad to learn of the passing of good pal Vanar.  We were friends for over 35 years.  We were exchanging messages to each other until very recently.  I am stuck in Shah Alam and am not permitted to travel to PJ and KL so will be unable to pay my last respects.  But …

Anu Shah

Shivaendra Gunasegaram

My dear Uncle. I don’t know where to begin. As I am writing this my thoughts are all over the place as there are too many fond memories with you.  You were the uncle that always came for all the birthdays, family functions and ofcourse Deepavali. You were always one of the first few …


Sean Collins

Vanar, More than a fellow partner, you were a real gentleman. Over more than thirty five years, I have valued your friendship and valued the fact that we stayed in touch with each other. Your humour was unique – thank you for the many great memories. Rest in peace. Sean …

Anu Shah

Vivien Wong

Dear Vanar, it’s sad to hear of your passing. Just after your birthday and time for our Cny lunch. But there’s no right time for this news.  Feel grateful to be under your leadership and guidance in A5.    Will never forget those stressful sessions clearing files with you. Those pink query sheets! Some …

Anu Shah

Sathya Vadivale

To my dearest, beloved Vanar Uncle. I can’t believe you are no longer here. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ll miss your smile, your wit and your love. I have so many memories of you to treasure. As a boy I remember looking up in awe of this tall, larger …

Anu Shah

Divya LV J.

Dearest Appu Uncle, Growing up my siblings and I would often hear stories of your childhood with our father, followed by how you were the first person that Appa introduced Amma too and her lovingly you welcomed her to the family.  As a child I always knew you as this Uncle who was rather …

Anu Shah

Sarojini Singh

I will always remember my brother-in-law Vanar as we both had a fascination with aeroplanes.  When I resided in KL, every so often on the weekends he would drive the family out to the airport, park up outside the fence (in those days there were no high security fences) and spend an hour or …

Anu Shah

Dinshaw Manecksha

Remember him as a good, witty friend.  Admired him for his zest in life.  We met in London-Alliance Club & educated me with some fierce Tamil words.  Always a pleasure to meet him & enjoyed his company.  Shall miss him.  May his soul RIP. …

Anu Shah

Vicky A. S Rajah

~ My memories of my Annai ~   * You climbing cherry trees, with me in tow,  * Your home made cherry guns and catapults, * Our home theatre with your home projector, bought with your savings – Disney cartoon galore, * Your painstakingly made DIY aeroplanes and cars, * Your spotless shiny black …

Anu Shah

Pauline Puah

May your soul rest in peace Vanar, and my deepest condolence to Mrs Vanar & family. I was not from Vanar’s dept but I had worked with him on a couple of special jobs when I was an audit senior. As a senior, I was not fearful of him but instead looked forward to …

Anu Shah

Florence C.

My condolences to Vanar’s family and loved ones. Vanar, may you rest in peace. May you enjoy the sun and fresh air with the angels in heaven, to wish them “Hello sunshine” everyday! Certainly missed your wit, your humour and your sincerity when I worked with you in KPMG. Good bye to a legend.  …

Anu Shah

Berenice T

I was relatively new to KPMG when I was tasked to interview Mr Vanar for the internal newsletter (eTempo) in preparation for his retirement. I knew not much of the man, but had heard many speak his name in hushed reverance. I recall his impatience during the interview, as he had not thought his …

Anu Shah

Bala Kumar Thambiah

With deepest sorrow, we bade you farewell. Though “SUNSHINE” is no more with us, our prayers that your soul will rest in peace and be eternally blessed.  May the SUNSHINE glow again in the after life.   Deepest condolences to Indira and loved ones.   GOD BLESS SAV …

Anu Shah

Indrani Faure Walker

Anu Shah

Siddharth Ampalavanar Shah

Anu Shah

Rohan Ampalavanar Shah

Anu Shah

Chandra Vadivale

AUM SAI RAM AUM During the journey of life in any given birth one aquires various relationships which stimulate the unfolding and maturing of one’s karma.  Various names are attributed to the spectrum of relationships and in accordance with the particular definition, mutual duties and affectations ensue.  So, one has a father, mother, child, …

Anu Shah

Loges K

Vanar, a gentleman he was. With his usual greeting of “Hello, Sunshine!”, he would drop by the Typing Pool, either for a casual chat or to personally thank us for a job well done. He had his financial statements converted to the nearest RM’000, and encouraged others to follow suit. It made much sense …

Anu Shah

Shane and Phoebe

In the short instances we met Uncle Appu, we found him to be a witty, funny and likeable individual. First meeting him in Malaysia in 2014, his facetious sense of humour was a stand out feature of his. With this in mind we will surely miss him. Seeing him again in Australia, and then …


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