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Rod Newman

As most of you will know our dad, Rod Newman, passed away at 1.30 pm on Monday the 21st of December. It will surprise none of you to hear that he fought until the very end and died on his terms, at home and holding our mum, Margaret’s, hand.

As a family, we have been overwhelmed by the messages of condolences and memories that we have received from you all, and that is the purpose of setting up this memorial page. If you wish, could you either cut and paste your message that you have already sent to us in the last few days, or even sit down and write something from scratch. Recently, we have learnt so much about what he meant to so many people, and we can’t help but think we have only scratched the surface.

As many of you will know, our Dad worked at Woodvale for most of his life. The motto there is “known to few but forgotten by none”. If you change two words in their motto, “few” to “many”, and “but” to “and” you end up with “known to many and forgotten by none”. We think this sums him up perfectly. We are all suffering following the death of our dad, but over time, this memorial page will give us a lasting memorial to what he was to you all and in time, when we are brave enough, we can truly celebrate these memories in a way that would fit the man he was.

Phil, Sarah, Cat and John x

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Peter Curtis

Rod Newman How many people in their lives can claim to have dramatically (and positively) influenced the life of another?  Not that many I venture.  How special must a person be therefore to do that for numerous different people over such a long period of time.  As I near retirement, I have been looking …

Alan Page

Rod was a unique and wonderful man and we will all miss him very much.  He was not only an exceptional pilot and flying instructor, but also a great mentor and friend.  I am convinced I would not have got into The RAF without his guidance and help.  Even now, and particularly after his …

Hans Berger

Rod (or Roger as we affectionally used to call him) always made people feel welcome and at ease. I remember very well meeting him for the first time at Preston Station where he  picked us up with  “refreshments” waiting in the car. Over the years I had the chance to meet him in various …

Isabelle Walls

My favourite photo of me and Great Uncle Rod xx …

Isabelle Walls

My Great Uncle Rod was always a shining light and friendly face in my life. I remember staying with him and Margie when I travelled to England with my family when I was only very little. I have so many beautiful memories captured in pictures of my time with Rod including when we visited …

Anna Walls

I am blessed to have spent time with Great Uncle Rod during my time visiting England from when I was 4 to 18 years old. When I was younger, my family would visit Margie and Rod and my sister and I would be spoiled with love and attention. As I got older, Margie and …


Rod, or “Control Room” to me, was full of life, enthusiasm and fun. Over the years he entertained me on many occasions; hosting alongside Margaret a group of John’s University friends at their home in Poulton, meals at Silvio’s and coming to the rescue of John, Matt and I when we were nearly stranded …

Daniel Daw

Having met Cat and John at Manchester University I remember one of the first times I met Rod was at the family home in Poulton where a big group of us were celebrating John’s birthday. His unassuming and non-judgemental acceptance of everyone was a quality I saw repeated over and over every time I …

Paul Campbell

Rod was a lovely guy. I first met him when he was doing tours of the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, when I worked there.  Later on, he was so kind to give my mum, my son and myself, a personal look around the Concorde at Brooklands. She’s always loved that aeroplane so for her …

Tim Marsh

So sorry to hear this sad news. As an ex student from 1981 to 1984 on MASUAS I have great memories of this wonderful man. Like the inspirational school teacher that most people remember, Rod was my aviation equivalent. Having just dug out my flying logbook from that time though, I discover that we …
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