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Robin Humphrey

Book of Condolences in loving memory of our dear colleague and friend, Robin “Bob” Humphrey, sadly taken from us too soon.

Thank you, Robin, on behalf of Sky, for everything that you have done for us… for being a friend, for your sense of humour, for being Mr Reliable & for always striving to make things that little bit better if you could. 


We know that as long as you stay in our memories you will always be with us. 

Our thoughts are with all your family, friends & colleagues. You will be greatly missed.


“Soon will I rest, yes, forever sleep. Earned it I have. Twilight is upon me, soon night must fall.”  – Yoda

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Jenny G

Robin, it’s impossible for me to find the right words to express how saddened I’ve been of losing you as a colleague.  While we worked in the same vicinity for a few years it was only more recently that we’ve worked together and started to get to know each other better.  Such an easy …

Renee Hunt

I count myself fortunate to have had the chance to work with Robin directly and to get to know him.  Robin helped make our team what we are and he will be remembered and missed in equal measure.  Thank you Robin for all that you gave, for your wit and smile. Rest in Peace …

Richard Feather

Been an outright pleasure working with you Robin, genuine bloke with a witty sense of humour. Such a great guy, I can only regret not getting to know you better.   p.s you were right, you did get me to shave the beard off when you joined the team! …

Ellice Collin

In the short time that we worked together, it was clear that Robin was the ‘tell it as it is’, matter of fact guy who always delivered it with a good lashing of humour. He was, by his own admission, turning into a “real data geek” and it was really great seeing him thrive. …


I think I’ve tried to write below around 20 times or more   It’s hard trying to put into words the time I spent with Robin (The banter times) the good times, the chat sessions, going for a smoke and just chatting about nothing really. Going for a beer, getting to meet his missus …

Doug Whincup

Robin, so very sad that you were taken from us.  The world is now left with a void that was filled by your sardonic wit, your warm smile, your generous personality and your genuine heartfelt spirit.  Like a few others here, I feel I was only just getting to know you better, our paths …

Mark Petrie

Robin, Despite our paths only crossing but a few times. Our recent work gave me much joy during our chats before the meeting was due to start. Despite this, I was only just getting to know you, your dry and subtle sense of humour, your various plans, hobbies, things you enjoy and a little about …

Paul Stafford

Robin, I remember you fondly from our time in the contact centre world. It’s not often you meet people in that world who are truly decent, honest, genuine and likeable, but you my friend were one of the special ones. You always had a smile on your face, you always made others smile! you …

Kerry Danforth

Our paths at work didn’t cross very often, but when they did, it was always a pleasure working with you. I’ve thought about you an awful lot since we lost you mate – it’s made me realise how much the people we encounter on a day-to-day basis, however briefly, enrich our lives and experiences …

Sarah midgley

Well Bobins Never thought I would be writing this, missing you loads on the team we have been though such a journey from service desk days. I remember our late shifts singing silly ren and stimpy songs together and eating junk :), going for team lunches and having some crazy unplanned after work drinks. …
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