In Loving Memory of

Robert Peter Dawson


“It is with great sadness that we say goodbye,

but your light shines brighter in the sky”


Rob was such a spirited individual, passionate, loving and caring in every way and touched so many in the short time he was with us.

Please leave a note, picture or video of your favourite memory shared with Rob, so we can cherish this forever.


Robert Dawson

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Claire Burns

Dearest Rob, We met at school and shared the best years altogether with all our friends. The school discos, the school trips remember Dell Farm where we all had our different coloured jumpers (late 80s fashion) and wellies. That was a cold trip where we all slept in dormitories and spent the days on …

Jessica Gaier

Dearest Rob,  I didn’t know you long, but I am thankful I got to meet you and have you in my life even if just for a short while. Your Secret Santa gift will be forever cherished in my sewing room and I use it every time I am in there.  I hope you …

Ian Massa-Harris-McFeely

I remember when Robert got this t-shirt – he was so excited and I recall the gorgeous conversation we had.   A beautiful soul, kind, supportive and a joy to be around. He will be missed by all and my thoughts are with his family and friends.  Ian …

Naomi Miller

Darling Rob. When I think of you, the first word that I think of is ABUNDANCE. You laughed with abundance. You cared with abundance. You studied and learned with abundance. You supported others with abundance. You lived with abundance. You had grace with abundance. You had naughtiness with abundance. But most importantly, you loved …

Claire Hastings

Lovely Rob   I remember the first time I had heard of Rob Dawson – ‘heard’ not yet ‘met’, for Lovely Rob from BBSRC was legendary at Medical Research Council HQ. My colleagues would giggle and smile while talking on the phone. ‘Who was that?’ I’d ask. ‘Lovely Rob,’ they’d respond.   Finally, my …

Ian Martin

Rob leaves a void where life and love once flowed freely. To be in Rob’s company was to giggle and laugh. His loss is a burden shared by many and his memory will always bring a big smile.   …

Des Rowlinson

An unwritten letter to Rob.. Hey Rob, I’m sat in the sunshine, nothing on but a smile, and two gin and tonics in .. and thinking of you. My dear friend, I need to tell you how much I love an appreciate you. And I’m not the only one .. over the last few …

Diluki O'Beirne

Rob was the epitome of truly good man. I met him first back in 2010. He was in my first ever show in Bath Drama (Taming of the Shrew) and he welcomed me with open arms, wicked sense of humour and twinkly eyes and made me feel as if I could act and wasn’t …

Vinny Smith

Rob was an amazing colleague and friend who brought joy to our workplace and helped make the world a better place. I’m going to miss him terribly, but he won’t be forgotten. …

Michael Wilton

Rob Dawson will be missed with sadly but remembered with great happiness and fondness. We met one early morning in a Vauxhall club in the early 2 thousands and I’ll never forget his beaming smile and the positive energy that beamed from him and from then the friendship was formed.  Then Rob would pop …
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