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Robert Allison, or Mr Allison as he was known to all our pupils, was the Senior whole school Technician in Trinity High School for over 20 years.  Those of us who work in the school are fond of saying that Trinity is a school like no other – it is a community with a sense of shared values – but it is people like Robert who give a real meaning to that saying. Unlike many school technicians, who do a great job as the school technician, Robert gave his usual 150% to the job and other activities around the school and his place in Trinity High School extended far beyond the role he was employed to do.

Due to Robert’s amazing skills and creative talents, the actual job of Technician was something he could do with his eyes shut and one hand tied behind his back and Robert was like an extra teacher in the department, loving nothing more than being in the workshops helping the pupils and the teachers. Robert was well known throughout the whole school. On his jaunts around the building there was barely a classroom or office door he could pass by without stopping for a chat.  He loved getting involved in all sorts of school trips and events and in turn was the top of many teachers’ lists when they needed a helping hand. 

As well as birdwatching, running and fishing were hobbies that Robert enjoyed greatly and he was always generous when it came to sharing his interests and knowledge with others. He was particularly keen for the pupils to get the same opportunities that he had, so for many years Robert organised a fishing trip to Loch Awe.  He would take around 30 pupils, some at his own expense, for a week to Loch Awe and teach pupils skills in fishing, barbecuing and how to organise themselves. Many former pupils would come back years after leaving school and thank him for introducing them to a hobby that they had now taken up, and this was all down to Robert’s enthusiasm and encouragement.

There are so many stories and anecdotes that could be shared, all a testament to the fact that Robert Allison was an extremely valued and highly respected member of Trinity High School’s community. It is hoped that this book will give members of our community, both present and past, the opportunity to share some of those fond memories so that we can collectively celebrate Robert’s contributions and commitment to our school. Robert was a great character that both staff and pupils liked being around.  He wasn’t just a Technician, a colleague and a friend to many, he was an inspiration to the whole school community and will be sadly missed, but fondly remembered, by everyone at Trinity High School. 



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Cheryl Dillon

It was always so nice to bump into Robert at work. He took the time to chat whether it was about his most recent adventure or what he was getting for lunch. He was such a genuine guy and Trinity is not the same without him, he is truly missed. …



Robert Allison the perfect gent kind caring willing to go out his way to help. I have lots of special memories of Robert. The first had  to be Robert meeting me coming into school straight from the local swimming pool this was at the back of 8am. The next was when one of our …

Mrs lindsay mckillop

Elaine Doherty

It was always great to meet you in the corriders. Your positive, energetic attitude was an inspiration to us. Will miss you. God Bless …


Sheena Downie

Robert was always on hand when something needed fixed, whether it was a shelf in the photocopying room or a cupboard door in the staff room, Robert was there.  Robert was always helping others. Most notably for me, Robert mended my late Gran’s table, he restored it to perfect condition & I remember him …


Chris Nairn

Robert was a great colleague and a great guy. He was always very helpful and very generous with his time. He will be missed and my thoughts are with his family.  …


Karen Todesco

Rest in peace Robert – what a wonderful colleague your were! I was very grateful when you took time out of your busy schedule to fix things for us and you were always happy to do it. You drove my Italian class to our restaurant trip and were happy to go for a walk …


Maureen McVey

I have fond memories of Robert and miss him. I  just had to ask to borrow a hammer, in the full knowledge that Robert would appear and all was sorted. We had great chats when Robert would share fascinating stories of his travels and birdwatching, always so inteteresting and knowledgeable. Robert is so missed …


Alan McEwan

You were a thoughtful, engaging man with a variety of interests. I will miss discussing potential road trips across America and what I would be able to see. You were a font of knowledge. Your love of bird watching and your discussions of it have helped my knowledge on the subject increase. I remember …


Alanna McNally

Those of us who work at Trinity High School are fond of saying what a special place it is to work and what a great sense of community it has – for me, Robert Allison was the perfect representation of that saying. The fact that he had such a specific job but was known …



Robert was a great colleague and friend. He would help everyone out that asked him throughout the school and everything was done with little fuss and great expertise. Robert would spend hours talking about his hobbies that he was very passionate about and all the great holidays and times he had with Christine, he …


Jack Nellaney

Robert was truly an inspiration to so many young people and colleagues in Trinity High and one who would be deeply embarassed to hear me say that. He did not like attention, did not easily accept praise but at all times would do everything and anything he could for anyone in our school community. …

Jack Nellaney

Robert was truly an inspiration to so many young people and colleagues in Trinity High and one who would be deeply embarassed to hear me say that. He did not like attention, did not easily accept praise but at all times would do everything and anything he could for anyone in our school community. …

Lorna Ramsay

Robert, it a was a privilege to know you not just as a work colleague but as a friend, and not only to me personally but also to many of the pupils in the Support for Learning department. Whether it was making door wedges or pencil holders or acting as the department’s personal chauffeur. …


Stuart McAllister

Robert was a man of great integrity. He was down to earth, straight talking, eminently witty and meticulous in everything he did.  Above all he was a devoted family man. When it came to sport and hobbies, Robert was in a field of his own, often quite literally when bird watching. As a ‘twitcher’, …


Iain Aitken

Robert will be sadly missed within Trinity High School’s family. Nothing was ever a problem and was done to the highest standards as Robert liked things to be completed properly. I will never forget the fishing trip to Loch Awe when we went pike fishing to Ford’s Bay. Robert had a huge young pike …


Graham Ness

Robert was someone that was always open and friendly. He engaged in enthusiastic conversation about many varied topics and I was keen to listen to him wax lyrical about his bird-watching holidays in Tarifa. He helped me to fix broken musical instruments on a regular basis and was responsible for attaching the guitar and …


Jennifer Reid

Mr Allison was one of the most knowledgeable men I have met but god forbid you touched his newspaper or tried to help him with a crossword.  He had such varied interests and loved to educate others.  Although appearing grumpy at first he was a kind and gentle soul who I always looked forward …


Steven Jones

I have known Robert as a pupil and as a colleague. In both instances he always treated me with kindness and respect. Robert loved his reputation of being the hard and grumpy man of the department where in fact he was the most thoughtful and helpful. Robert taught me a lot within the workshop, …

Steven jones

Robert Craig

I feel very priviledged to have known Robert and consider him to be a close friend.  When I started in Trinity High School 21 years ago, Robert was the first person in the Technical department that I met.  He told me to sit at the desk right next to him and we sat together …


Alia Alam

I will miss our morning chats and laughs at Trinity High School. You were a wonderful colleague who helped me out during my school trips. You will always have a special place in my heart and will always think of you with a smile. Rest in Peace. …


Martin McInnes

Robert, you were Trinity’s very own Superman, you could literally do anything. I will miss you dearly. Rest in Peace. …


Carol Ann Mclaren

As I look around the school there is probably not a corridor or classroom that doesn’t say ‘Robert was here’. I have wonderful memories of Robert and here are just a few. The wonderful craftmanship of the cabinets in the oratory, doing many odd jobs for me, Robert standing in my classsroom with me …


Paul Sludden

Mr Technical, the unofficial PT of the department; Mr Outdoors, be it fishing, hillwalking or birdwatching; Mr Trip-organiser-minibus-driver-chief-storyteller-always-willing-to-be-called-on-as-a-helper; Mr Mickey-taker, be this pupils, colleagues or unsuspecting newbies (like I was back in 1998) sneaking down to the Tech annex for a sneaky cigarette; Mr Folk music; Mr DIY advisor/fixer; Mr Much-loved colleague and much …


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