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Retha was a wonderful colleague and friend to so many that she worked with over her years at Transport for London. Clever, diligent, always wanting to do more she made such a big impression on everyone she worked with. But she was so much more than being fantastic at her job, she had a wonderful sense of humour and such a friendly demeanour that everybody she met was better for it. She was forgiving and saw the best in people and was always willing to find a way through a difficult situation by bringing people together.

She leaves lasting memories for all of us who had the good fortune, the privilege and the luck to know her. Her friendship, her good grace and her smile have left an indelible mark on all of us.

These memories pay tribute to Retha who we miss so much and our hearts go out to to Derik, Logan and Retha’s family.


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Kevin Hines

Retha joined my team in Commercial Property a few years ago and it soon became clear to me how motivated, committed and well connected she was. We soon struck up a great working relationship and I knew I could trust and rely on Retha to get things done. Retha worked on the Small Sites …
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