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Pete Winfield


Pete had amassed almost 30 years’ service at Schneider Electric. He started his career with Satchwell Controls in February 1989 where he spent 4 weeks at the training school near to Heathrow airport. This time with his new colleagues, where they survived on nothing but carveries and then getting stuck each morning in the London traffic, allowed Pete to cement himself as a popular fun-loving member of the team.

Pete was known and loved by many people. From his customers to his peers and throughout the Schneider Electric team. Everybody knew how much he loved his family and regularly enjoyed chatting with him as he always had a glint in his eye and an amusing tale to tell.

Pete often spoke about his family. He was devoted to his wife Janet who was always there to guide his decision making on all the important life decisions from car choice to holiday destinations. It was clear that he loved her deeply and enjoyed every second of their time together. He was immensely proud of his son and daughter Danny and Carrie. Danny has a very successful career at Schneider Electric too and Pete would often comment how capable “Our Danny” was and how he himself knew “just enough to be dangerous!”. Despite Pete’s modesty he always managed to deliver a first-class service and gain glowing feedback from his customers.

When Pete spoke about Carrie everyone knew how special she was to him. He would talk at length about her singing career and when she appeared on ITV’s “Britain’s Got Talent” he made sure that everybody he knew had agreed to vote for her that evening, a fathers love leaving nothing to chance!

Finally, there’s George & Maisie Pete’s grandson and granddaughter. It’s safe to say that George and Maisie meant the world to Pete. He loved nothing more than spending time with them, often booking holidays to be able to look after them and regularly commenting how he couldn’t wait to retire so he could spend even more time with his beloved grandkids.

This was Pete, a gentle giant, a heart of gold, a family man devoted to his loved ones and his customers. He will be sadly missed, and our thoughts are with Janet, Danny, Carrie, and the rest of the family at this difficult time.

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Mick McConville

Having worked with Pete at Satchwell for several years I got to know how much he enjoyed life and loved his family. Always smiling he was great fun to be around. Still got visions of him doing back flips in our back garden. He will be sadly missed by so many. Our thoughts are …

Mark Walker

Great man, friend and colleague.  One of my “technical support” engineers when I first started at Satchwell which was pre mobile phones so took every opportunity when we met to pick his brains.  We had some laughs both in and out of work and when I left Satchwell he was one of the first …

Tina Cook

I worked with Pete back in the 90’s at Satchwell Bradford, One memory that stands out was when we all celebrated 75 years of Satchwell and I was a  team member with Pete on the Northern Navahos. (I think we came 3rd) It was a great day out. Pete was a a great man, …

Brian Morris

I got to know Pete through my friendship with Danny over the years. Every time I would meet Pete he would always be smiling. He was so very proud of his children & grandchildren which would always come across when talking to him. I would often be with Danny when he would be having …

Tony Wright

I met Pete when I join Satchwell in 1990, he’d started a year or so earlier and he took me under his wing. He was a great engineer who had a passion for controls and helped me loads during the first few years at Satchwell, and we became close friends, his fantasic personality was …

Mick Reynolds

Pete and I go back many years, right back to the Satchwell Yorkshire office, working together in 1993.  Our friendship blossmed and we would often have a beer together chatting about the kids and their musical talents, however, one day that back fired on Carrie!!  Vicki (my wife) had started a little business called …

Barry Grier

Pete was larger than life, always with a glint in his eye, a rye smile and a story to tell! I will never forget Pete’s famous line…….”Well Barry Lad, I know just enough to be dangerous……” such a fun, light hearted and gentle character who had a profound impact on everyone he met. Its …

Derek Crouch

Just a complete shock. I got to know Pete particularly when projects and service split. Just a good egg, always willing and able to help. Pete has left a great hole in our lives but particularly his family.  …

Ian Liddell

A larger than life, happy guy, Pete always had a smile on his face and was a great help to me when i started at Schneider 15 years ago. My thoughts go out to Danny and rest of his family and friends x …

Gary Dale

It was an absolute pleasure to have known and worked with such a true gent. A gentle , kind , dedicated man, of the highest  integrity !  you’ll be truly missed by all !  lots of love from all the Dales  …
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