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Paul Vernon

Paul was known, respectecd and loved by many people around the globe for his love of family, friends, colleagues, computers (especially retrotech!), gaming and his unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Throughout his life, wherever he went, Paul always made such a positive impression on the people he met, no matter their ages. From young school children who signed up for Code Club which, as an Acorn Ambassador, Paul ran (after school, one night a week introducing bright young minds to the joys and magic of coding!) to members of our eldest generations who wanted to explore this newfangled Internet thingy (but needed an incredibly patient, understanding and enthusiastic mentor!) and all ages inbetween, nobody could fail to be inspired, excited and enthused by his passion and love of computers and programming.

Paul was also the most loyal, honest and generous friend anyone could ever wish to have. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he was always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it.

This online Rememberance Book has been created to allow friends, family and anyone who knew Paul to leave a memory of him to share with others.

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Paul was one of the kindest, most caring people I have ever met. A man that, many years ago, shaped the person I have become today. Not only did he make my mum the happiest woman in the world, he brought structure and a family safe nest to my life filled with love, respect, …

Stafford Leys Primary School 'Code Club'

This is the ‘leaving message’ Paul received from the children of Stafford Leys Primary School ‘Code Club’ after his 2 year Acorn Ambassador tenure was completed. These young brilliant minds adored Paul and were left so inspired and eager to explore computing and programming further as their education continued. To say Paul set them …

Ashleigh Davies

I met Rebel (Tracie) through a crafting discord channel and we quickly became the best of friends. To me, Paul started out as the sweet voice in the background who made their nightly drinkies of hot chocolate and coffee. I started telling Tracie to say hello to the, “Drinky Man”. Shortly after that, Paul …


It’s hard to find the words. Pauls been my friend, colleague & mentor over the years. He inspired & taught me so much, I am forever grateful. We worked together & built a platform that has helped thousands of people to find work. The photo is from our business trip in New York, it …

Elmira Seidali

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul at Workvine a little over 6 years ago. He came across as someone kind, passionate about what they’re doing and very knowledgeable. In the little time I got to meet him he left such a strong impression on me. My heart goes out to Paul’s family and …

David Holling

Paul, what can I say? I’m so sorry that you had to endure this final part of your journey but admire that you did so with utmost dignity and bravery. My heart goes out to Tracie and your family together and of course, your mum, dad, Deborah and her family.  We may not have …

Cia Seaton

 I got to know Paul about thirty years ago as he was my daughter’s first serious boyfriend. He impressed our whole family as a gentle, kind and caring soul who always treated her and everyone else with respect. Others have commented on his cowboy boots, black clothes and flowing coat, which is how Iwill …

Bill Gardner

I met Paul when I started working at Experian in July 2019. His fierce intelligence was immediately obvious but he was always kind, caring, passionate about his work and eager to share his knowledge with others. He was one of a kind and I miss him. I’m very thankful that I had the privilege …

Charlotte Golding

I had the pleasure of working with Paul at Workvine and his knowledge and skill amazed me. Paul was such a lovely guy, so kind and caring. Paul spoke so passionately about his family, his dog and his interests and had many stories to tell. He really was a very interesting person. Paul will …

Christopher Smith

You put up a tough fight . We always had a laugh when we was together as kids . We will all miss you . Chris Beth and Rosie xxx  …
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