In Loving Memory Of


Parbat Premji Patel (Vekaria)

Jay Swaminarayan to all family and friends


With deep sorrow of the passing away of Parbatbhai, the family want us to celebrate the life he lived.

The legacy that he was, we would appreciate everyone to leave a memory they have had with Parbatbhai.

We know he has touched a lot of people’s hearts, and will continue doing so. 


Sincere greetings from, 

His wife Radhabai.

His daughters – Chetna, Neera, Nishma, Payal, Divyani and Danita.

His mother – Radhabai.

His brother’s family – Naranbhai, Pushpa, Mohini, Shyam and Kaveen.

His sister’s family – Priya and Rachit.

His tiny grandkids – Yanvi, Dhrish, Kiana and Aarya.

His sons in law – Jayesh, Suraj, Jay, Krutik and Himanshu.

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