A Book of Remembrance

Ms Effort

Ms Effort

A space to commemorate the life of our Teaching Assistant, Ms Effort, who passed away on 24th February, survived by her son and husband, parents and many loving communities.

Ms Effort made a huge contribution to the lives of students over the five years she worked at British School of Lomé, where she worked passionately, tirelessly and kindly. Her beaming smile and good humour welcomed the children to school each morning, and her compassion was ever-present throughout each school day in the classroom. 

She loved all the children in her classes over the years clearly and dearly. When they struggled, she provided them with gentle and caring support, always in an empathetic way. In class, she assisted with the day-to-day running – often taking the reins, and she provided guidance and friendship to the many teachers she worked with. She was popular with other Teaching Assistants and could often be seen sitting on the bench laughing with colleagues in the playground. She was trusted and treasured too by parents across the school community, many of whom knew her personally.

Ms Effort was much loved and will be hugely missed.

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Mr. Christopher

Mrs. Effort, though death is inevitable and unavoidable to all humans but you left us sooner than expected. It is still very unbelievable that you have left the surface of the earth. Your charming smiles and caring nature speaks for itself.  My padi (good friend in Nigerian slangs) I will miss so many things …

Elom Amefia

Rest in peace. I will never forget you.  May God console your family and take care of the baby.  …

Alexia Lemar

The Nursery Team is so saddened to hear this shocking news. It has been a great pleasure meeting and working with you. Thank you for all the lovely moments you spent with each one of us.  Leo Buscaglia once said: “I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to …

Helen Palanga

My heart will always have a very special space for memories… of your pretty smile, and care and warmth of your friendly welcome every morning. Thank you for being such a sincere team-mate for many years! You will be dearly missed by all of us! …


You’ve been such a wonderful person and good friend to those who knew you, always looking at the bright side of life and looking out for others. You lived your life, caring and loving others and in turn, you received love. You offered help even when it was not requested yet you offered it …

Ms Natasha

Dear Ms Effort, Thank you, for the love and laughter you shared with me each day. I feel very blessed to have met and know you. I will miss your smile around BSL a lot.     …

Suzanne Kponton

Always smiling, laughing in the playground, chatting and greeting as she passed by…. a woman with a big heart and a lot of patience….. she loved and cared for the little people around her always giving a helping hand….. Ms Effort you are loved by all those who had the pleasure of knowing you …


Hello my beloved Effort, She was calling me jolie maitresse! What i can say after knowing you for five years: ‘ well, you were a really nice person, full of joy, a good assistant and a very good business woman!!! Dur en affaires! What a pity! We will not see each other again , …

Nithya Chandran

“A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on.   Effort, you will be always be fondly remembered. Every morning Effort would walk in to the building with a greeting on her lips and a smile on her face.  …