In Loving Memory of


Mrs. Maria Chelvi

*** Created to live and born to die ****


You are forever loved and remembered

To a loving mother, dearest grandmother and a wonderful person,

Godly and Blessed !

You were a standing example of pure love a love that was not a result of any reciprocal love.
Neither was it a decision based on circumstances but it was merely a pure love expressed in many different ways.

You knew we all had some kind of love
Some of us knew how to share it.
Some of us knew how to express it.
Some of us learned to love by being loved.
But you gave your love away unabridged.

You didn’t just show love.
You knew how to give it.
You listened with a keen ear.
And loved with all your power.

You ignored the people’s deceit.
Overlooked what was lost.
With a kind and warm heart.
You always welcomed us all.

We all have some regrets.
Some of us have guilt and some incomplete tasks.
We only wish there was some way.
To go back in time and accompany you in your last days.

Not a word can express our feelings.
But knowing you are in Lord’s keeping.
Will keep us all going.
In the hope to see you again in Heaven, singing.

You will always be remembered.
As the one that gave us what we needed the most.
Now, We hold you close and tight in our hearts.
Sometimes in a silent tear or in a thought.
Your memory will relive in our hearts.

You will be remembered for all your courage.
Enduring through the lonely and difficult times.
Holding onto the one that kept you going.

We hope to see you soon in Heaven.
Until then, we pray you rest well and with the mercy of God, rest in peace.
Never alone, for you are always with us and are a part of us.


With Love,

Mrs, Maria Diana Aloysius

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