In Memory of

Monty Snow

Monty Snow

Monty Snow

22nd October 2020 – 7th December 2020


Monty was with us for just over 6 weeks. What we thought would be so hard ended up being the most enormous gift. We got to know our son who was not defined by a genetic disorder, but was just like any newborn in many ways. He cried when he was hungry, he made clear which ways he preferred to be held, he woke up and made a fuss just as we sat down to eat or as we turned the light off to go to sleep. He gave long sleepy cuddles and made gorgeous gurgling noises. We’re so thankful that God gave us the privilege of being Monty’s Mummy and Daddy. And we live in hope that we will see him, whole and made new, and our Lord Jesus, face to face one day soon.

It turns out that our Comeback Kid had more friends and supporters than we could ever have imagined. We would love to have a record of all those friends and supporters who were at his funeral, even if it had to be virtual due to this Covid-19 pandemic, and of what he meant to you.


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David Unwin

Thank you for letting me share in this time with you. I’m praying that God continues to uphold and care for you through this time and we all see Jesus’ face more clearly. Sending so much love.  …

John and Robyn Cross

Dear Pete and Sara, We feel we have walked your journey in anticipation of Monty and his brief little life, albeit from the other side of the world. Your lives have been changed forever by precious Monty and not only yours, but so many who have shared this time with you. You will stand …

Thomas & Natalie Baldwin

May Monty, a faithful servant of the LORD, rest in peace and soon awake in a joyful Resurrection. It was a privilege for us to attend the funeral online on Wednesday. …

Andy and Annie Liggins

Pete, Sara, Hugo, William and Fitzy, Grieving afresh with you for dear Monty. Much love from us, Andy, Annie, Josh, Micah and Sophie.  …

Diana and Gerard Marchand

Monty,you climbed many mountains just to enter this world, and although your time with us was short, you had a huge impact on those whose lives you touched. You live on in our hearts, and we will ways cherish the memories you and your family have shared with us. …

Thea and John

We never managed to meet little Monty during his short stay on this earth, though we were kept up to date with his progress by his Oma, Margaret. It was incredibly uplifting to hear Pete and Sara today as they outlined their own journey and how Monty became part of a large loving family. …

Toni Edmonds-Smith

Praising God for little Monty. Praising God for the time you got to know him, care for him and love him. Praising God for your faith and dependence on Jesus. Praising God for his word which has been your daily bread. Praising God for his promises which are eternal, which are fulfilled in the …

Olivia Unwin and Family

It was a pleasure to see how many lives little Monty touched in his short life. I know that ‘Monty’s ministry’ will continue in new and unexpected ways, and we continue to praise God for his life. He couldn’t have been born into a more loving family, and we smile to know he is …

Helen S

It was a privilege to join the service today from overseas & see you all, & hear of how God has been sustaining you so faithfully through these very darkest of troubles. What a precious little one Monty was, & it was so clear how much he was so dearly loved. How blessed he …

Gill Haley

Monty’s ministry will go on reaching people in all circumstances. As the Lord knit him together in Sara’s womb He was preparing a special family in whom to entrust His special child, just as He did 2,000 years ago. Feeling for you all. Thanking you all for sharing Monty with everyone in such a …
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