In Loving Memory of


Michael Hayes

Dedicated to Michael Anthony Hayes 1970-2021

This is a tribute to Michael Hayes. A husband, father, friends and colleague who is much loved and remembered. 

Please leave your message of condolence, your memory, your funny stories to remember Big Mike. 

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Frank O'Neill

I met Mike Hayes when I first decided to move back from Wales to Scotland and Mike was my replacement. For a few months we worked quite closely together and he made a lasting impression on me. Mike for me was confident, funny, professional, a family man and someone I trusted. It is with …

Adam Withey

I got to know Mike better after moving to Cardiff and working more in Vic Park, then St William House, then had the pleasure of a few nights out with him, which I have to say he organised with aplomb! Just a lovely, calm guy, easy to get along with and a true gentleman. …