A Book of Remembrance


Merle Lipton

Merle Lipton was a well known and loved historian, mother, sister, partner and friend to many of us. She had a passion and drive that was inehastible and inspiring to many. She loved a good conversation a debate a challenge and learnign new things about people, politics, music and the world. Michael and her shared a passion for music, theatre and the sea which provided them many hours of enjoyment, conversation, beauty and relaxation.

If you are reading this message is beacuse you knew Merle. We would love to hear your good memories of her, as her connections and influence expand far beyond what any one of us who knew her could ever be aware of. Lets make this an ocasion and space where we can share those stories and precious moments we experienced with her. Feel free to tell your story, share a picture, tell us how you knew her, a moment shared, help given, lasting thoughts.




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